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Katt Williams on Obama: ‘If You Was Ever Going to Vote for a N****, This is the N**** to Vote For!’

Comedian Katt Williams has a new video out on YouTube called “Date A President,” where he likens the presidency to dating.

“I feel like didn’t we just get out of a fucked up relationship? Maybe we don’t need a President right now,” Williams says. “Can we be single as a country for a while? And maybe date a President? See how that works out for a couple of months.”

But after all the zingers and punchlines, Williams says of Barack Obama (even though he believes no one should vote on race), “If you was ever going to vote for a n***, this is the n**** to vote for! Right here, this is the one. Yes, absolutely!”

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Confessions of an ObamaVoter

Confessions of an ObamaVoter: Barack Obama & John McCain Go Head to Head in Debate

Senators Barack Obama and John McCain locked horns for the first of three debates on Friday, where each candidate appeared on the same stage and magnified their differences.

In terms of physical presence, Obama appeared much more comfortable, moving naturally, and maintained eye contact to clearly convey engagement.

McCain, on the other hand, looked awkward and irritated. His movements were also stifled, as his limited range of motion in his shoulders made him look like an outstretched Frankenstein. He rarely looked at Obama and chortled dismissively at Obama’s points.

As for substance, Obama reigned when it came to the economy while McCain was pretty much an expert on foreign policy.

One of the best zingers of the night though came after McCain patted himself on the back with his surge strategy, and Obama came back with a searing litany of McCain’s judgmental failures over the course of the Iraq war…an argument which left McCain befuddled as he was forced to dispute his own flawed words.

When directly compared to Obama, McCain simply does not match the capacity, conviction, and collective support to navigate the nation through these chaotic times. It’s easy to see why McCain used his campaign suspension stunt in a failed attempt to dodge going toe to toe with Obama.

Obama demonstrated, with clear purpose, the direction that the country should go…where it must go. The movement that began in Springfield on a cold February day, fortified with the hope of the American people, continues to march on to November.

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Confessions of an ObamaVoter

Confessions of an ObamaVoter: From Hurricanes & Floods to Bailouts & Billions

The United States has encountered one of its worst weeks: Hurricane devastation, Midwestern flooding, a U.S. embassy bombed, L.A. train crash, upending of Wall Street giants Lehman Bros. and Merril Lynch, government bailout of insurance juggernaut AIG, and President Bush breaking the news of a $700 billion price tag to save our wilting economy.

These overwhelming events have altered the tone of the election, giving us a chance to see how Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain responded to the economic crisis.

Obama elevated the discourse, outlined his comprehensive economic proposal, and put partisanship aside with his call for both parties to stop the economic epidemic before it hits the middle class.

But McCain’s critical response was far less flattering. On Monday, he made the absurd statement about how the fundamentals of the economy are strong. He then backpedaled and said he meant the workers are strong, not the economy.

McCain transformed into Mr. Regulator after his entire career of being Mr. Deregulator. And as if he couldn’t debase himself enough, he went on to release a new slimy, disgraceful, and racially saturated ad that portrayed Obama in cahoots with an angry black man so they can both terrorize your poor white grandmother.

These are serious times that require a serious debate and what McCain is offering is an insult to the American people. When I hear disastrous news like this and watch Bush fumble around trying to pick up the pieces, I feel ashamed that he was elected.

This isn’t the America I know. This isn’t the country my parents sought to give opportunity to their children. Yet, as tumultuous and imperfect as this nation has been, it is able to bring us Obama.

There exists a limitless sum of obstacles that battle his candidacy. Yet here we are, at this moment, with him as our voice: A leader with reciprocity between the American people…who we desperately need as he desperately needs us. He’s our best hope!

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ObamaNation: Barack Obama Cancels SNL Appearance Due to Ike!

Blindie is currently upset with the recent cancellation of Senator Barack Obama’s appearance on Saturday Night Live due to Hurricane Ike.

With his now-cancelled SNL moment (which is being hosted by Olympian Michael Phelps), we were hoping the Democratic presidential candidate would take some headlines back from media-frenzied Sarah Palin.

But his spokeswoman explained, “In light of the unfolding crisis in Texas, Senator Obama has decided it is no longer appropriate to appear on Saturday Night Live tomorrow evening.”

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Ga Ga: The Williams Sisters Versus The Manning Brothers in Double Stuf Oreos Commercial

In a new TV spot for Double Stuf Oreos, tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams announce their decision to join the Double Stuf Racing League—”a fierce competition to see who’s fastest to twist, lick and dunk their Oreo cookie!”

In the commercial, NFL brothers Eli and Peyton Manning rival the Williams sisters in their press conference–convinced that they are copycats! Here’s the hilarious, cheeky transcript between the dueling sports siblings:

Venus: “My sister and I are proud to announce that we’ve decided to chase the dream and become two-sport athletes.”

Serena: “We’ve joined the Double Stuf Racing League!”

Peyton: “My brother and I like to announce that this is a great idea–when we thought of it, like a year ago.”

Serena: “Well my sister and I would like to announce that you guys are going down!

Eli: “My brother and I like to announce that Oooohhhh, we’re scared!

Venus: “My sister and I would like to announce that you should be!

Peyton: “My brother and I like to announce that it’s on like Donkey Kong!

Eli: “And stop copying us!

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Confessions of an ObamaVoter ObamaNation Politics

Confessions of an ObamaVoter: McCain vs. Obama in the Ultimate Convention Speech Off

The nomination acceptance speeches for both Barack Obama & John McCain were telling moments for their race for the White House.

Obama shattered expectations with an oratory masterpiece, while McCain managed to survive the night with the support of two crutches: his POW biography and sassy VP pick Sarah Palin.

When Obama’s moment came, he wiped the GOP’s character attacks of him off the map: Celebrity? Patriotism? Toughness? All arguments revealed to be nothing more than child’s play–the retorts in this speech were so delicious!!!

After a solid Joe Biden VP pick, a successful DNC, and Obama’s game changing speech, the Republicans had to make a desperate move in order to compete…that’s where VP pick Sarah Palin came in.

This pro-life, moose hunting, hockey mom-ing, miss congeniality-winning, right wing firecracker came out with venom for Obama, electrifying her base with an effective, substance free, biting performance. She gave the cowboy hat-wearing GOPs an early climax at the convention…and McCain put them to sleep afterwards.

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A Campaign of Change: Will America Choose A Black President or A Female VP?

It seems Senator John McCain flipped the switch on Friday, with his selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential candidate.

Calling her “the running mate who can best help me shake up Washington,” McCain is not only tapping into a fresher, younger demo (Palin’s 44, three years younger than Obama), but he’s selected a woman–a beautiful one, who was actually a former Miss Alaska runner-up!

“To have been chosen brings a great challenge,” Palin said. “I know that it will demand the best that I have to give and I promise nothing less.”

Blindie suspects McCain is hoping to win over disgruntled Hillary Clinton voters who feel shafted that their female messiah was “cheated” of her White House dream by a less-experienced man.

Regardless, the 2008 Presidential campaign will be a historic one of change–whether it’s Obama in the White House, or Palin in the Vice President’s Residence.

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