Rivers Wash Over Me Premieres At New Fest Debuting Promising New Talents Derrick L. Midldeton and Cameron Mitchell Mason


Photo: (L to R) Derrick L. Middleton, Aidan Schultz-Meyer

The independent film Rivers Wash Over Me directed by John G. Young premiered at New Fest in New York on Saturday and featured some promising young talents.

Set in the south, Rivers chronicles the turmoil a gay teenager encounters when he goes to live with relatives following the death of his mother.

Derrick L. Middleton in the lead role as Sequan Greene and Cameron Mitchell Mason who plays Sequan’s abusive and homophobic cousin shine as break-out stars in complex and vulnerable roles.

The film’s few light-hearted moments delivered by Darien Sills-Evans who seemed to invoke Sidney Poitier from In The Heat of The Night in his portrayal of the town sherriff trying to solve a murder in a southern town, and Elizabeth Dennis who played the gratuitious wayward white girl with a penchant for black men and drugs, helped to even out an otherwise grim tale of small town prejudice.

If Middleton and Mason can carry off such complex roles for their film debuts, look forward to their follow-up performances. As for Sills-Evans, whom we first caught sight of in Bill Cosby’s less-popular and lower-income family sitcom series Cosby in the late 1990s – it’s time for a lead role in a comedy feature! And since he co-wrote and produced the film, we’re confident he can make that happen.

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