Obama’s ‘Beast’ Of A Presidential Cadillac Is Unveiled

Barack Obama‘s new presidential Cadillac which makes its debut on inauguration day has finally been revealed. Nicknamed “The Beast,” the state-of-the-art limo has been outfitted with security enhancements that include a heavily armoured body and other features that “cannot be discussed.”

Nicholas Trotta, the Assistant Director for the Office of Protective Operations said in a statement: “Although many of the vehicle’s security enhancements cannot be discussed, it is safe to say that this car’s security and coded communications systems make it the most technologically advanced protection vehicle in the world.”

While the specifications of the car are secret, it is assumed the souped up Cadillac has been tricked out with bullet proof glass, a separate oxygen supply, and a completely sealed interior to protect against a chemical attack.

David Caldwell, a spokesman for General Motors which makes Cadillac, revealed the car has “state of the art electronics” and has been designed in the style of a contemporary Cadillac, which would include a hand-crafted interior.

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