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The Curious Case of Shelving Taraji P. Henson’s Benjamin Button Movie Posters

Original posters for the buzzworthy film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button have surfaced online, as producers campaign for Oscar.

The new posters, which are vastly more telling in terms of the film’s story line of a tale of a man aging backward, features Taraji P. Henson holding an aged infant in her hands.

While producers have yet to comment on their decision to shelve the dramatic image for the more movie star friendly, yet vague shot of stars Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett, Blindie can’t help but to wonder if it was just modesty or money or possibly race that resulted in their poster switch.

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VIDEO VIRUS: The Fake Thundercats Trailer Starring Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman And Vin Diesel

Children of the eighties rejoice! Not only is the Thundercats cartoon being made into a full-length movie, but a fake trailer for the film is making a big hot on the web.

Produced by WormyT who calls themself an “animator illustrator who loves movies…presently working as an artist in a videogame company,” the trailer features clips from a variety of action films pieced together with computer magic starring Brad Pitt as Lion-o, Hugh Jackman as Tygra, Vin Diesel as Panthro, and a CGI Garfield as Snarf.

All we can say is, the real Thundercats film from Warner Bros. due out in 2010 had better be good. Thundercats, HO!

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Ga Ga: Robin Givens is Back in Tyler Perry’s The Family That Preys

If there is one thing that Blindie loves more than anything is a comeback–and that is exactly what Tyler Perry’s latest film The Family That Preys does for actress Robin Givens.

Having been away from the limelight for nearly a decade (besides a shameful stint as a host on Forgive or Forget!), Givens has struggled to attain her 90s fame.

But in Perry’s current drama, Givens returns in full effect as a corporate woman, who reads villain Sanaa Lathan (she’s equally fantastic playing against type) her rights as a colleague and fellow black businesswoman.

Even more impressive is the film’s performance in the competitive box office weekend, which included a star-studded comedy by the Coen Brothers, Burn After Reading, and the Pacino-Deniro cop drama Righteous Kill. While Burn opened at No. 1 with an estimated $19.4 million, Perry’s lower-budgeted family drama came in second with $18 million.

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