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LA Times Columnist Says Obama’s Candidacy Has Yet to Result in Meaningful Progress

A Los Angeles Times Opinions contributor wrote about the historical aspects of Barack Obama’s candidacy, claiming “whether his candidacy (or presidency) is a turning point beyond the racial symbolism remains to be seen.”

The writer Erin Aubry Kaplan also notes that although Obama is not running “as a ‘black’ candidate,” he “should certainly address issues of concern to African Americans, not simply because he’s one of us (though that helps) but because such issues impact all of us. The state of black people has always been a barometer of how well America is fulfilling its democratic ideals.”

Ending her column, Kaplan writes, “We can congratulate ourselves for having a black candidate, but that candidate can’t identify too much with other black people or he risks losing his appeal, magic or whatever. It’s the same old game America has always played, defining the limits and qualifications of blackness to its liking and comfort level. That’s not justice.”


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