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Ga Ga: Yara Shahidi Stars with Eddie Murphy in Imagine That & Angelina Jolie in Salt


There’s a new scene-stealer in town: kid actor Yara Shahidi, who isn’t only taking over where little Dakota Fanning left off, but is a bankable star in the latest Eddie Murphy flick, Imagine That.

The cute kid from Minneapolis beat out 3,000 girls for the role of Olivia, an imaginative kid with real life stock tips, which her dad (Eddie Murphy) finds useful!

But Eddie isn’t the only A-Lister Yara’s sharing screen time with: she’s starring (with her little brother Sayeed) in Unthinkable as Samuel L. Jackson’s tots and with Angelina Jolie in the thriller Salt.

Of Jolie, whom she recently shot a scene with, Yara said, “[She] was really nice, not intimidating. It was like saying hello to a friend.”


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Ga Ga: British Actress Naomie Harris Steals Hearts in My Last Five Girlfriends at TriBeCa Film Festival


In the British bromantic comedy My Last Five Girlfriends, which premiered Thursday night in New York, Londoner Naomie Harris was the girlfriend that stole the TriBeCa Film Festival’s hearts (or at least Blindie’s!)

The Cambridge-trained thespian, whose most recognizable roles are the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels, 28 Days Later and the cheesetastic Miami Vice film, is one of those actresses who isn’t only beautiful, but undeniably witty and charming.

As Gemma, the emotionally-stunted fifth girlfriend who takes lovesick protagonist Duncan’s (played by the equally adorable Brendan Patricks) heart in the film adaptation of Alain De Botton’s bestseller On Love, Harris is worth the wait and screen time after a string of rather bland girlfriends.

Blindie’s going to be on the lookout for this fresh talent!

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‘Woman to Watch’: Kerry Washington Featured in Marie Claire

Actress Kerry Washington, who can next be seen in Lakeview Terrace with Samuel L. Jackson & Patrick Wilson, is featured in the latest issue of Marie Claire.

“I’ve been to nine states on behalf of Obama,” she tells the magazine. “The enormous level of diversity among the volunteers have been so great to see!”

The 31-year-old Bronx-born stunner, who has a knack for playing the wives of Oscar winners onscreen (Jamie Foxx in Ray and Forest Whitaker in The Last King of Scotland), lives in L.A. with her shih tzu-Yorkie mix “Josephine Baker,” and admires her mama.

“She’s the epitome of grace–as a person, and as a woman of color,” Washington says. “She’s very cerebral. She taught me about walking with dignity in the world.”

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