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Ga Ga: Blindie’s Fave ‘Look Book’ Besties

In its latest Look Book column, New York magazine profiles three pairs of BFFs–and their complementary style. Now, Blindie’s going ga ga for the brownest pair: stylist Mengly Hernandez and her best friend, photographer Naila Ruechel.

Recalling their first meeting five years ago, Ruechel says Hernandez “had this big hair and was so beautiful, and I said, ‘Can I photograph you?'”

Hernandez, the more reserved of the duo, says, “I don’t open myself up to people very often. You can’t, because most people are looking for an opportunity.”

But Ruechel went out on a limb, saving the opportunity for their now-five-year-friendship: “I was just like, ‘Girl, relax. It’s gonna be all right.’ She’s gotten much better, though.”

Blindie recently spotted Ms. Mengly on one of our favorite sites,, where she appeared on the cover of the online magazine’s inaugural issue.

PHOTO: Glenn Glasser for New York magazine

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