Bermuda’s Mishka Goes Jamaican

There are some things from Bermuda that make you scratch your head—for example, the Bermuda triangle or Bermuda shorts. So, it was no surprise when we discovered Bermuda’s latest conundrum, new music artist Mishka.

Upon first listen, Mishka sounds like a reggae artist from Jamaica—or at least someone channeling Bob Marley! With uplifting lyrics about love and deliverance and a sound reminiscent of The Wailers, the Bermuda native even affects a Jamaican accent.

We originally stumbled upon Mishka’s music while trolling through Matthew McConaughey’s website for…ahem, research…and learned that he wrote the song “Coastline Journey” for McConaughey’s upcoming film Surfer Dude.

All affectations aside, Mishka’s a good listen.

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