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Beyonce Knowles on Career Model: ‘I Want to be Like Barbra Streisand’

With a new marriage, a new album, and a few new films on the horizon, Beyonce Knowles is set to become an icon in her own right–and she’s modeling her career on another singer-actress.

“Barbra Streisand, that’s the career model for me, I want to be like her,” the 27-year-old pop diva told the Los Angeles Times. “She is just the ultimate. And I want to be an icon too.”

Beyonce will also get the chance to serenade Babs on Dec. 7, when she performs her fabled movie hit, “The Way We Were,” at the Kennedy Center Honors.

“It’s amazing. It’s beautiful,” she said. “When you’re a little girl you don’t think you’ll meet these people, these giants. You get to speak to them and ask them whatever you want. It makes you stand up straight too, absolutely. I have so many things to ask her.”

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