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Project Runway: Let The Bickering Begin

Speed skater and Dancing With The Stars winner Apolo Ohno presented an Olympic challenge to the Project Runway designers. As the couturiers scrambled to pull an athletic ensemble together, Blindie was finally reminded of why we tune in religiously: the bickering!

Joe almost lost his cool when he found out Daniel re-threaded his machine with red thread (gasp!). Terri almost snapped when Keith hovered over her fabric at Mood, saying, “A sistah gotta keep one eye open. That’s all I’m saying.” And everyone seems to be annoyed with Kenley’s cackling laughter, with Jerrell proclaiming, “Somebody get this girl a muzzle!”

But the gold medal for the episode went to judge Nina Garcia, who said of Jerrell’s wacky ensemble (complete with floppy polka-dot hat), “I’m looks like Mary had a little lamb!” Judge Michael Kors took the silver for describing Daniel’s inappropriate cocktail dress as the “republic of cocktail land.”

We can’t help but dispense some advice to the designers:

Korto: You just won a challenge, so learn how to smile! The sad sulky look is not going to win you the cash-worthy fan-favorite award.

Jerrell: This isn’t a Galliano runway show. Save the whimsical costume designs for the couture challenge.

Joe: Stop complaining about the queens in the room. Who do you think runs the fashion industry? You better learn how to tolerate the tranny fierceness that is Queendom!

Blayne: Quit talking about tanning. On second thought, just stop talking!

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