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Notorious Star Anthony Mackie Talks Rekindling Puppy Love & Playing Tupac Shakur in Glamour

Juilliard-trained actor Anthony Mackie, who plays late rapper Tupac Shakur in the upcoming biopic Notorious (out January 16), is featured in Glamour magazine, where he talks about his high-profile role, what he loves on a woman, and how he rekindled his romance with his elementary school love!

On what he learned from playing Tupac: That you really have to hold those people who are important to you near and dear, because you never know when things will turn south.

Of his current girlfriend: I’m dating my third-grade girlfriend again. I was in New Orleans, heard somebody call my name, turned around and was like, This is the girl who used to beat me up for my lunch money, but now she’s so cute!

On what he loves to see a women wear: If there is a God, he made the sundress. It’s the most complimentary thing. And if it stops at the knee? Aww, it’s Christmas!

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