Al Sharpton Says: Media-Appointed Leader of All Blacks Comments on Chimp-as-Obama Cartoon

“[The cartoon] is troubling at best given the historic racist attacks of African-Americans as being synonymous with monkeys.””

–Sharpton on the New York Post‘s cartoon comparing President Barack Obama to the chimp that was shot dead by police on Tuesday. Post Editor-in-Chief responded, “Again, Al Sharpton reveals himself as nothing more than a publicity opportunist.”

ObamaNation: ‘Barack The Magic Negro’ Song Regifted To RNC Members

Tennessee Republican Chip Saltsman has sent CDs containing the offensive song “Barack the Magic Negro” to Republican National Committee members for Christmas and defends the gifts as merely “political satire.”

The song which originally aired on The Rush Limbaugh Show back in 2007, is a parody of the 1963 Peter, Paul and Mary tune “Puff the Magic Dragon.” Written and sung by Limbaugh Show‘s Paul Shankin in an Al Sharpton impersonation, the tune takes aim at the President-elect by claiming Obama appeals to “guilty” white voters and is black but not “authentically.”

“See, real black men, like Snoop Dogg, or me, or Farrakhan, have talked the talk, and walked the walk, not come in late and won,” a verse in the song goes.

Shankin latched onto the “magic negro” term after the bi-racial L.A. Times critic David Ehrenstein used the term in an opinion column.

Other songs on the CD include: “John Edwards’ Poverty Tour,” “Wright place, wrong pastor,” “Love Client #9,” “Ivory and Ebony” and “The Star Spanglish Banner.”

Al Sharpton Says: Dancing With The Stars May Be His Next Step

Al Sharpton spoke to TV Guide about how his dedication to this year’s presidential election kept him from hot-stepping it on Dancing with the Stars this year and his plans to keep his dance card open for the next season.

“I turned down Dancing with the Stars last season because I was committed to do voter registration …this is a very important election. So, I may do it next season…if they offer again I may do it.”

Sharpton is no stranger to the music and dance scene as he once served as tour manager for the legendary James Brown and even toured with the great Mahalia Jackson when he was a young preacher.

Al Sharpton Says: The Latest Statements From the Media-Appointed Leader of All Blacks

In every generation we have people that do different things. Barack Obama has become the ultimate expression of our being able to expand beyond a racial straight jacket and win.”

–Sharpton clarifying that Obama’s role for this generation as leader isn’t necessarily that of a civil rights crusader.

Al Sharpton Says: The Latest Statements From the Media-Appointed Leader of All Blacks

“This is a serious election. I don’t want to be dancing with the stars when I should be protecting the vote.”

–Sharpton on declining an invitation to appear on the next season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, according to the New York Daily News. Instead, he’ll help with voter education for November’s presidential election.


Al Sharpton Says: The Latest Statements From the Media-Appointed Leader of All Blacks

We must be very clear that Senator Obama, in my judgment, is running for president for all Americans, not just African Americans.

–Sharpton on his wishes that Jesse Jackson’s ‘crude’ comments about Barack Obama “had not gone public.” But since they have gone public, he’s “happy” that Jackson has apologized and is hoping “people will remember the great work he’s done in this country.”


Al Sharpton Says: The Satire Edition

“Oh, I’d castrate him, sure. I wouldn’t use no sharp knife like Jesse Jackson either. I’d take some garden tools to the brother down there and find out how black, or bi-racial, he really is.”

–The satire news service, Crystal Air Productions, fictionalizes what Sharpton would say “outside the Apollo theatre,” referencing Rev. Jesse Jackson’s infamous pledge to cut Barack Obama’s “nuts off.”