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Race Matters

GIMME FIVE: Best Black History Websites

February is Black History Month! No, not because it’s the shortest month of the year, but in observance of the birthdays of the great abolitionist and orator Fredrick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, who passed the Emancipation Proclamation which freed the slaves.

Here are Blindie’s top five black history websites:

A&E Television Networks’ website for the Biography channel offers up a wealth of facts, trivia, games, photos and videos in a fun, easy-to-search format. Check out the interactive timeline that spans from 1619, when Africans first arrived in America as slave labor, to the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States in 2009.

Another property of the A&E Television Networks that did an excellent job of providing black history information and highlighting key figures.

This informational website has a whole section dedicated to black history and offers articles and facts but with a lot less photos and no fun games or quizzes.

This site bills itself as “the largest online encyclopedia and social network dedicated to Black history and culture.” Don’t let the “submit your email address to enter the site” deter you from using the site -you can skip by additional requests for personal information.

Founded by Dr. Carter G. Woodsen in 1915, the Association for the Study of African American Life and History strove to undo mistruths about black people in America and promote their history with the start of Negro History Week which became Black History Month in the 1970s.

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Ga Ga TV

Ga Ga: Travis Fimmel’s Rise From Underwear Model To Patrick Swayze’s Beast Partner

Travis Fimmel is the latest underwear model to embark on a serious acting career and as Patrick Swayze’s rookie partner on the new A&E police drama The Beast he has our vote for promising hot young actor.

Fimmel, who played Tarzan in a failed WB series, hails from Victoria Australia and once donned Calvin Klein underwear on a London billboard that caused so much traffic and commotion it had to be removed. Now shorn of his long surfer hair, Fimmel tries hard to play down his baby face and Aussie accent to get gritty with Patrick Swayze as a Chicago detective, but just like Swayze he seems meant for the big screen.

What Fimmel needs is a serious drama on the big screen to launch a Brad Pitt-like career because the Matthew McConaughey film Surfer, Dude only helped to pigeon-hole him as a pin-up boy.

Next up for the Aussie hardbody is the Andrew Chan film Ivory about two pianists in an international competition. Let’s hope he’s playing a tortured and talented, but very hot pianist.

Blindie is ga ga for Travis Fimmel and will be watching his every step to movie stardom.

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