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ObamaNation: Obama’s First Televised Post-Election Interview With 60 Minutes

President-elect Barack Obama outlined his priorities in his first televised post-election interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes and spoke of his intent to restore a “sense of trust, transparency, openness in our financial system” and bringing back the “bond of trust between the presidency and the public” he thinks has been lost.

He also spoke about the current crisis in the auto industry, “it’s my belief that we need to provide assistance to the auto industry. But I think that it can’t be a blank check,” and stressed the importance of focusing on the mortgage situation and it’s impact on the economy.

Obama also addressed the comparisons in the press of today’s financial problems and his upcoming presidency with that of the early 1930s and former President Franklin D. Roosevelt. “What you see in FDR that I hope my team can– emulate, is not always getting it right, but projecting a sense of confidence, and a willingness to try things,” he said.

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