Where In The World is Michael Jackson?: Holding Hands With Akon

As you eagerly await the internet leak, er debut of Michael Jackson’s collaboration with producer Swizz Beatz, the duet, “Hold My Hand,” with Senagalese-born singer Akon will have to suffice.

The song is a melodic heartfelt anthem in the same vein as Akon’s “Don’t Matter” and Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror.”

PHOTO: Akononline.com

Where In The World Is Michael Jackson?: Selling Out Concert Tickets For 50 Shows In London!


After originally announcing a concert comeback with 10 performances, Michael Jackson has increased the number of shows to 50 and in a matter of hours tickets have sold out.

The concert entitled “This Is It” kicks off on July 8, and runs through february of 2010, with every performance taking place in at the O2 arena in London.

Meanwhile, concert promoters are still negotiating with insurers to back the sometimes frail-looking singer.

No word yet whether the King of Pop plans to perform in the States or if the much publicized collaboration with Akon and Swizz Beats will debut during the concerts.

Checking In With The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Bravo has reportedly picked up a second season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but what have the ladies been up to since we last saw them spending money and squabbling?

The blogs are buzzing about Sheree Whitfield receiving only six figures in her divorce settlement and the downgrade of her children’s education from private to public. Her suburban Atlanta mansion, which was owned solely by husband Bob Whitfield, was even put on the market for a little under $3 million, but is now listed as “off market.”

Wig-tastic Kim Zolciak recently launched a blogsite and slapped up some photos of herself from a recent Bahamas trip in (what else?) a bikini. Her country album, which producer Dallas Austin vehemently denies working on in a rant on his Myspace blog, is a “no go for now,” a source close to Zolciak says.

We can assume DeShawn Snow is fully staffed at her McMansion because she has had plenty of time to put up a website featuring an online shop hawking bejeweled t-shirts and hats emblazoned with her fantastic egocentric quotes, “Google me” and “I always knew I was destined for greatness!”

Workaholic Lisa Wu Hartwell whose mantra is “If it doesn’t make me money, I don’t do it,” appears to be still juggling her real estate, jewelry and clothing businesses and denying she threatened to beat down Kim Zolciak for spreading rumours about her losing custody of two children Justin and Jason to ex-husband Keith Sweat because she was a “crack whore.”

Anderson Cooper’s favorite housewife Nene Leakes made headlines when news of her eviction from her rented prefab house got out, which Leakes denies. In an interview with Atlanta’s CBS 46 the “tell it like it is” breakout star expressed interest in doing more TV saying she would “love to do a talk show,” but “not the whole conservative sh** like Oprah or Tyra,” and revealed that she met husband Greg while working as a stripper in Atlanta. And as for all of those “ghetto” accusations the self-described “life of the party” told Essence.com, “I’m okay with it. If keeping it real is ghetto, then I’m ghetto.”

Last but not least, the unofficial sixth housewife, Dwight Eubanks! There is talk of the design maven getting his own reality show, but we haven’t seen anything official yet except the hilarious Behind the Purple Door trailer.

Fingers crossed all six reprise their reality roles in season two of The Real Housewives of Atlanta!

Where In The World Is Michael Jackson? Somewhere Turning 50

Prince did it on June 7th, Madonna did it on August 16th, and Michael Jackson will be doing it on August 29th.

The moonwalking, oxygen chamber sleeping, Peter Pan fan is turning 50 years old and will be releasing a compilation album in honor of the momentous occasion. The 18 track album titled King Of Pop was selected by British fans from a list of 50 songs on The Sun and GMTV websites.

Jackson recently collaborated with Akon on the track “Hold My Hand,” and even hung out with the rapper but left him “stunned” by odd behavior. Akon told UK tabloid Daily Star that the King of Pop greeted him in his pyjamas. “I was like, ‘Are you going out like that?’ He was in his pyjamas and I was waiting to see if he was going to change. He [then] grabs a scarf and puts it around his head, then he grabs the kids and puts a scarf around their heads, so I grab a scarf and put it around my head and off we go.

Akon “stunned” by odd behavior from Michael Jackson? Hello, he’s nicknamed “Wacko Jacko” by the British press. We’re stunned Akon even got the opportunity to spend time with the singer and his children.

British fans determining the lineup for a Michael Jackson birthday album? Again, he’s nicknamed “Wacko Jacko” by the British press! We’re the ones who nicknamed him the King of Pop here in the states so why do the Brits get to choose the lineup?