In yet another example of why Italians should not embrace the lie of Christopher Columbus’ bloody legacy, scholars are currently analyzing DNA to discover if the tyrannical “explorer” was in fact a Portugese aristocrat by the name of Pedro Ataíde.

Fernando Branco, a professor of civil engineering at the University of Lisbon, published a book in 2012 theorizing that Pedro Ataíde renamed himself after he was supposedly killed in a 1476 naval battle at Cape San Vincent. Branco alleges Ataíde renamed himself Cristóbal Colón after a French soldier he fought alongside, Culon, because the Ataíde family was persecuted in Portugal for betraying the king, and documentation supports the family members had fled to Spain.

So basically, Christopher Columbus was probably a fugitive living under an alias. Sounds about right.

Watch the BBC video to learn more from Fernando Branco: