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Lindsay Lohan Thrilled About Our ‘First Colored President’

In an insightful interview with Access Hollywood’s Maria Menounos, Lindsay Lohan shows her true colors as she talks about what an “amazing feeling” it is to have Barack Obama as our “first colored President.”

Lohan did not mention whether she actually voted and refused to publicly take a position on California’s Proposition 8, which eliminated the right for same-sex couples to marry, even though she has been linked in the press to a romantic relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson.

Considering Lohan still refers to African Americans in the outdated, pre-civil rights term “colored,” Blindie is wondering what she calls those same-sex couples.

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VIDEO VIRUS: Students Sing ‘You Can Vote However You Like’ To Rapper T.I.’s Tune

Middle schoolers from the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta are fast becoming internet superstars with their remake of T.I.’s hit song “Whatever You like” into the political debate song “You Can Vote However You Like.”

The sixth and seventh graders originally performed their rap song at the Coca-Cola Leadership Summit in Atlanta and have since appeared on CNN to reprise their performance.

“Obama on the left/ McCain on the right/ We can talk politics all night/ And you can vote however you like/ You can vote however you like, yeah.”

“It doesn’t necessarily show you which party to vote for but it gives you the good and the bad of both parties,” says student Willie Thornton in an impressive CNN interview.

They may not be old enough to vote but they prove that you are never too young to inspire. Vote.

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Katt Williams on Obama: ‘If You Was Ever Going to Vote for a N****, This is the N**** to Vote For!’

Comedian Katt Williams has a new video out on YouTube called “Date A President,” where he likens the presidency to dating.

“I feel like didn’t we just get out of a fucked up relationship? Maybe we don’t need a President right now,” Williams says. “Can we be single as a country for a while? And maybe date a President? See how that works out for a couple of months.”

But after all the zingers and punchlines, Williams says of Barack Obama (even though he believes no one should vote on race), “If you was ever going to vote for a n***, this is the n**** to vote for! Right here, this is the one. Yes, absolutely!”

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VIDEO VIRUS: Economy, Election And Hurricanes Replace Budweiser In ‘Wassup’ 2008

The guys from the original Budweiser “Wassup” commercial are back in a social commentary short!

Charles Stone III, who directs and stars in both the ad and the short, had originally turned his two minute film True into the wildly popular beer ad in 1999, and in yet another reversal has turned the ad into a parody that addresses the current economic and political climate. There’s even a Katrina-like hurricane!

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VIDEO VIRUS: Saturday Night Live‘s ‘Mother-Humpin’ Palin Rap

After weeks of jokes made at her expense, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin finally made a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live.

The Republican vice-presidential nominee poked fun at herself in the opening sketch as she watched SNL alum Tina Fey give another dead-on impersonation and “pageant walk” during a press conference. Palin also helped Alec Baldwin recall the nickname she had been dubbed in the press -“Caribou Barbie.”

But the most memorable sketch was a very pregnant Amy Poehler rapping, in place of Palin, “all the mavericks in the house put your hands up” and boasting “I shoot a mother-humpin’ moose eight days of the week!”

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Ga Ga: Chuck Bass As ‘Womanizer’ In New Gossip Girl Promo

Gossip Girl‘s latest promo ad highlights the escapades of the unscrupulous Chuck Bass to the tune of Britney Spear’s new song “Womanizer.”

Bass, played by Ed Westwick, delivers some of his best dialogue in this 30 second spot and Leighton Meester’s character Blair sums it all up with “damn that mother-Chucker!”

The scandalous promo will debut on The CW and beginning October 20th.

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VIDEO VIRUS: Obama Impersonation Better Than Saturday Night Live’s

Watch this hilarious and dead-on imitation of democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

This young black man not only delivers the vocal inflections, hand gestures and hilarious phrases like “the straight talk express is on stand-by,” but he’s also as handsome as the Senator!

Saturday Night Live‘s Fred Armisen could learn a thing or two from this outstanding impersonation!

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