Video Virus: Old Spice Brings New Fame to Isaiah Mustafa

The latest Old Spice commercial featuring a very cute, deep-voiced, ex-football player, tickets to that thing you love, a beach, and a horse is an internet sensation.

While the grandfather-reminiscent, musky-scented bodywash probably won’t make your man appear manlier, it is amassing over 3 million hits on Youtube, and launching the actor Isaiah Mustafa into the pop culture lexicon. The Early Show on CBS even got in on the viral video action and had the first sit-down with the actor.

Harry Connick Jr. Schools Clueless Australians About Blackface

Harry Connick Jr. appeared as a guest judge on the Australian television show Hey Hey Hey it’s Saturday and spoke out against a shameless blackface performance that was billed as a “tribute” to Michael Jackson by the “Jackson Jive.”

Speaking not as a white American but as an American, Connick expressed his disapproval to the blackface jive saying, “we’ve spent so much time trying to not make black people look like buffoons that when we see something like that, we take it really to heart…”

We can’t figure out what’s more outrageous -that the host apologizes to Connick for offending him (not black people), that the entire Jackson Jive troupe are now (supposedly) highly educated and are doctors, or that Jive did the same routine on the same show 20 years ago AND WON!

VIDEO VIRUS: New Zealand Baby Dances To Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’

Proving just how infectious Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies” song and video still is, 20-month-old Corey Elliott shakes his toddler legs to the hit song becoming a YouTube hit.

Blindie thinks the New Zealander toddler is giving the E-Trade babies a run for their money but still has nothing on Shane Mercado.

VIDEO: Tyra Banks Shows Her Real Hair Dripping Wet on Talk Show

Tyra Banks has finally gone weave-free for the fifth season premiere of her talk show on The CW.

On Twitter, the Emmy-winning talk show host Tweeted, “i’m so excited!!!me on CW(ANTM chnl)4pm weave.just me ya’ll! n i get my hair done live on stage!”

Check out the video of Tyra revealing her dripping wet REAL hair!

Ga Ga: Lourdes Leon Dancing in Mama Madonna’s “Celebration” Video

Lourdes “Lola” Leon makes her video debut as she shakes what her mama Madonna gave her in “Celebration.”

Not to be outdone by Madonna’s shirtless, half-her-age boy toy Jesus Luz, Lourdes makes her video cameo a memorable three seconds -yes, three whole seconds! – as she does a back-flip breakdance move.

Blindie wonders why Lourdes only got three seconds. Was someone afraid of a little upstaging?

Fast forward to the 3:15 mark to catch Lola in action!

Video Virus: The Apple Store’s Lip-Synching YouTube Sensation Nicholi White

Nicholi White has become a YouTube sensation with lip-synched videos filmed at Manhattan’s midtown Apple store.

The adorable and resourceful 13 year-old made use of the Apple store’s display computers and web cameras to create over 70 videos.

Wearing Kanye West inspired shades and ignoring onlookers, White lip-syncs and dances in the midst of shoppers to a variety of hit songs from Black Eye Peas, Kid Cudi, and Lil’ Wayne, to name a few.

And if you thought White just lip-syncs, watch the clips where he says “stop calling me an asshole,” and another clip where he points out a guy in the store who harassed him.

VIDEO VIRUS: Big Boi Stays “Cooler Than a Polar Bear’s Toenails” At SeaWorld

Big Boi, of the music group Outkast, paid a visit to Florida’s Seaworld and hung out with some penguins.

With his kids on the sidelines, Boi fed some fish to his “real cool friends,” and even posed for pictures with them.

Yes, it’s a random piece of entertainment news, but Blindie finds it amusing that not only did Big Boi chill with the cold birds but that he said he “can’t wait to see the polar bears.” We’re still trying to figure out who is more desperate for publicity -Seaworld or Big Boi?