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Project Runway: All 3 Black Designers Survive Third Challenge

The third episode of Project Runway Season 5 had the remaining 14 contestants using elements of New York City as their inspiration, Tim Gunn learning the catchphrase “holla at ‘cha boy,” and all three black contestants advancing to the next round.

Jerrell didn’t earn much cred even though his dress was more polished than others; Korto landed in the safe zone with her well-made, but kinda boring jumpsuit; and Terri (pictured) received high marks from Heidi and celebrity guest judge Sandra Bernhard for her colorful and gauzy dress.

With Terri, Korto and Jerrell doing so well on Project Runway and the success of the July “All-black” issue of Italian Vogue, this summer is turning out to be a magical time for blacks in fashion.

PHOTO: Bravo

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Project Runway Season 5 Delights Blindie With Diversity

Project Runway Season Five premiered Wednesday night, and we couldn’t be happier: there are three African-American designers this year, and two of them are women!

Here’s the lineup: Terri Stevens, 39, from Chicago; Korto Momolu, 33, from Little Rock via Liberia; and Jerell Scott, 28, originally from Houston. To top it off, the Bravo competition finally included an Asian male–Jerry, 32, from Montana (previous seasons featured Asian females).

Blindie predicts…

  • Jerell will be a treasure trove of one-liners and sass (“All you other designers can go home one by one”)
  • Terri will give us indie chic, as she has already described her style as “Aerosmith meets Lauryn Hill meets Michael Jackson”
  • Korto will be all business and full of design surprises, as she aspires to be the first African American winner (an honor stolen from Season One’s Kara Saun!)

As the elimination process crept closer, we held our breath as Korto and Jerry landed in the elimination line-up. And just when we thought this season was going to be a couture melting pot, Jerry was sent packing after creating an American Psycho-esque ensemble from a shower curtain and a table cloth.

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