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America's Next Top Model Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks Takes Top Model Search To South Africa


Talk show host and model extraordinaire Tyra Banks is partnering with South African businessman Tom Kelly in conjunction with MTN to take her Top Model search to Africa.

Auditions will be held on March 29th in Johannesburg’s Sandton Convention Centre and the show will follow the format of the original US show.

Winners will receive modeling contracts with IMG Models, a six-month contract as the face of Louis Vuitton, and the chance to co-present on The Tyra Banks Show.

Blindie hopes the South African version of Top Model will be telecast in the US and they mix in some white South Africans with controversial viewpoints for some added drama.

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America's Next Top Model Tyra Banks

Short Models Stampede At Tyra Banks’ Top Model Casting In New York


Three people were arrested and six others were injured on Saturday after a riot ensued outside of the Park Central New York hotel where auditions for the 13th season of Tyra Banks’ hit reality show America’s Next Top Model were being held.

Women no taller than 5-foot-7 turned out in droves for a chance to be a contestant on the special season of Top Model dedicated to short ladies.

Sky News reports a car spewing smoke pulled up to the line of contestants then a man jumped out and began grabbing women’s bags causing fights and a stampede.

Authorities shut down the audition citing it was improperly organized and many model hopefuls fled leaving their shoes, clothes and sleeping bags littering the street.

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America's Next Top Model Models TV Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks Calls Herself ‘Goddess of Fierce’ in America’s Next Top Model Premiere

The 12th (yes…TWELFTH!) cycle of America’s Next Top Model premiers tonight and as always, Tyra Banks doesn’t just show up—she dresses up, going as far as dubbing herself “the goddess of fierce.”

One model, who is completely in awe of Tyra’s costumed unveiling (Is Ms. Banks channeling Cleopatra? I thought Caesars Palace in Vegas was Greek mythology-themed?), screams, “Tyra! This woman is amazing…she’s extraterrestrial!”

Blindie must say we agree with the “extraterrestrial” comparison. Tune in to the ANTM premiere tonight at 8 on the CW!

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America's Next Top Model Books Tyra Banks

America’s Next Top Model Offers Tyra-like Advice In “Fierce Guide To Life” Book

If you’ve ever wanted to stand before Tyra Banks and her panel of photographers, stylists and retired models to receive life-changing advice and tips that will help you become a model or just be fierce like one then “America’s Next Top Model: Fierce Guide to Life” is the book for you.

Covering everything from “runway etiquette” to applying makeup, improving self-image, the business of modeling and really important things like how to look your best while wearing a crop top, “Fierce Guide to Life” is like Tyra mail and a season of ANTM rolled into one glossy book.

“Fierce Guide to Life” is due in stores in April.

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America's Next Top Model Models TV

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 Winner Eva Pigford Marcille Engaged to Actor Lance Gross

Eva Marcille, who won America’s Next Top Model in cycle 3, has announced her engagement to Tyler Perry’s House of Payne star Lance Gross, according to Essence.

“I cried. It was totally unexpected. I’m still in shock,” Marcille (who formerly had the surname Pigford) said. “I could not even sleep because I was afraid that I might wake up from the most beautiful dream ever.”

The couple, who met while working on set together, have been dating since 2007.

“I’m proud to call Lance mine because I was in love with him before we ever met,” she added. “He’s my dream guy.”


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America's Next Top Model Fashion Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks Spins Off America’s Next Top Model’s Miss J and Jay Manuel

Just like Oprah Winfrey made hit shows from her talk show guests -Dr. Phil, Rachael Ray, and soon Dr. Oz, Tyra Banks is spinning her own TV gold with America’s Next Top Model judges Miss J. Alexander and Jay Manuel.

Miss Banks will executive-produce J and Jay in the new CW series tentatively titled Operation Fabulous which features the stylish duo traveling this great Velveeta-eating, Wal-mart shopping country and giving head-to-toe makeovers to five small town folks who will compete to take part in a larger competition. Can you say walk off?!

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