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Prince Harry Tells Black Comedian ‘You Don’t Sound Like a Black Chap’

Prince Harry may be Blindie’s fave royal to watch, but the flame-haired Prince of Wales is really starting to lose our respect with his loose talk.

According to black comedian Stephen K. Amos, Harry told him during his performance at Prince Charles’ 60th birthday in November, “You don’t sound like a black chap.”

“I wanted to say, ‘How is I supposed to sound?'” Amos said on the UK show The Wright Stuff.

Former Commission for Racial Equality chairman Lord Herman Ouseley said, “It is very sad that Prince Harry thinks black people all talk in the same way. It just goes to show how ill-educated members of the upper classes can be.”

It was only last month that Harry made offensive remarks (“Paki”, “raghead”) about people from Pakistan and those of Arab descent in a home video.

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VIDEO VIRUS: Prince Harry Calls Friends Racist Slurs ‘Paki’ And ‘Raghead’

The carrot-topped Prince of Wales has done it again! Prince Harry shocked the world with racist comments, calling military friends “‘paki,” the derogatory term for Pakistanis, and “raghead,” a slur that refers to muslim head dress.

Ok, maybe he didn’t shock the world -this is the same person who dressed up as a Nazi, complete with swastika armband for a costume party, and indulged in marijuana and underage drinking. Let’s just say that considering Prince Harry’s track record we’re surprised this is making headllines, especially since the comments were made back in 2006.

Patrick Harrison, a spokesperson from the Prince’s office, released a statement on Saturday claiming Harry didn’t mean any offense with the term “paki.”

“Prince Harry fully understands how offensive this term can be, and is extremely sorry for any offense his words might cause,” the statement said.

In their own statement Britain’s defense ministry said “Neither the army nor the armed forces tolerates inappropriate behavior in any shape or form” but also added “We are not aware of any complaint having been made by the individual.”

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Our Favorite Royal Prince Harry Makes Mum Proud With Work in Lesotho

Princess Diana’s flamed-haired son, Prince Harry, may be the third in line to the British throne, but he has always been the first monarch to make our hearts go pitter-patter.

Speaking at the Thuso Center in the impoverished African kingdom of Lesotho, the 23-year-old prince says his mother would be proud of the work he and his regiment, the Household Cavalry’s Blues and Royals, are doing to revamp a special needs school for children in Lesotho.

“It would be wrong for a patron of a charity to not get involve,” he said of the projects he’s working on through the charity, Sentebale, which he established in his mother’s memory with Prince Sessio of Lesotho.

PHOTO: Press Association

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