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Do You Agree With Kanye West’s Outburst at the MTV VMAs?

kanye-west-taylor-swift-MTVEven though Kanye West was out of line when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for best female video at the MTV VMAs on Sunday night, we kind of think he was right in declaring that Beyonce “had one of the best videos of all time!”

Everyone was doing the “Single Ladies” dance, from the President to Justin Timberlake, so how did country singer Taylor Swift end up with the VMA for best female video? And coincidentally, Kanye had an outburst in 2004 when Gretchen Wilson, a country artist, beat him out of the best new artist award at the American Music Awards. He fumed, “I left like I was definitely robbed and I refused to give any politically correct … comment. I was the best new artist of the year!” He even alluded to a conspiracy of some sorts.

Does Kanye have a grudge against country music? Is country music grinding it’s boot on his neck holding him down?

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Kanye West and Chanel Iman Chat and Share Fries at MEN.STYLE.COM’s Women of Fashion Event


Photo: Sara Jaye Weiss

Blindie’s fave model Chanel Iman cozied up to Kanye West during the MEN.STYLE.COM Women of Fashion event in New York on Wednesday and even shared some fries with the ego-tastic singer.

The 3rd annual fashion bash held at the New York Palace Hotel’s Palace Gate celebrated 25 of the fashion industry’s most glamorous ladies, including Rachel Roy, Chloë Sevigny and Berrin Noorata, selected by a panel of equally stylish men: André Benjamin, Paul Sevigny and Sean Avery.

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VIDEO VIRUS: ‘I’m Caucasian’ NBA Parody Of Kanye West’s ‘Amazing’

A parody of Kanye West‘s song “Amazing” created by Kno of CunninLynguists is serving as a hilarious musical tribute to the shortcomings of caucasian NBA players and gaining popularity online.

Of course the song is filled with stereotypes, and sure it’s offensive, but it’s funny as hell! And for those who don’t agree, the video creator has this message: “I reserve my right, as a white guy cut from the JV team in 10th grade, to indulge in self-parody. Sensitive people, save your energy and faux-disgust for something that really matters, kthnx. Those of you without a stick up your ass, enjoy!”

Here are just a few snippets of the lyrics:

I’m caucasian
It’s the reason
Michael Jordan’s hittin’ 40 this evenin’

I’m exhausted, barely breathing
I been sittin on the bench all season

And no matter what they’ll never pass it to me
My range is as far as my arms can reach

Im caucasian / White like salt packs
If I ain’t translucent / What you call that?
I’m notorious / spin move laborious
Lucky if I get minutes with the Warriors
I like mayonnaise, I like sodium
We prolly lost if you see me at the podium

I’m caucasian
So caucasian

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Rihanna Stars in Kanye West’s New ‘Paranoid’ Music Video

Making her first official comeback since her debacle with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, Rihanna (in a stunning bustier and sky-high do) looks radiant as the star of Kanye West‘s new music video for “Paranoid”.

While we love that she’s trying to put her battered past behind her, we kinda wish she didn’t do the manic driving sequence in the end, with the caution sign for “Paranoid Road” in the background…a little too close to reality for us!

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Color on the Cover: Kanye West’s Quote-Driven Interview in Details


Producer turned rapper turned fashion designer turned (insert what’s to come) Kanye West is covering the March 2009 issue of men’s style magazine Details–and as always, he’s not holding his tongue.

Here’s some of Blindie’s favorite quotes from Mr. West:

“Put this in the magazine: There’s nothing more to be said about music. I’m the f–king end-all, be-all of music.”

“People ask me a lot about my drive. I think it comes from, like, having a sexual addiction at a really young age. Look at the drive that people have to get sex—to dress like this and get a haircut and be in the club in the freezing cold at 3 a.m., the places they go to pick up a girl. If you can focus the energy into something valuable, put that into work ethic…”

“Oh my God, I’m one of the greatest rappers in the world. I’ll get on a track and completely ee-nihilate that track, I’ll eat it and rip it in half. I wouldn’t have to think of it.”

“I have, like, nuclear power, like a superhero, like Cyclops when he puts his glasses on.”

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GIMME FIVE: A List of Icons, Legends & Greats According to Kanye West’s Quotes

With the recent news about Chris Brown and Rihanna‘s domestic abuse drama, Kanye West spoke out in support of his former tour mate.

Not only did he call Rihanna “my baby sis,” but the Grammy-winning rapper and producer went as far as calling her “the most important artist in music.”

And while we’re on West’s loose flattery, Blindie compiled a list of his prior hyperbole relating to his musical peers:

Kanye West on Beyoncé in December 2008: “Nobody really wants to recognize that Beyoncé is a f***ing living legend and that she is just as great, if not greater, than the artists that we had in the past…that she’s probably greater than Tina Turner.”

Kanye West on Justin Timberlake in August 2007: “My biggest inspiration and biggest competition is Justin Timberlake. He’s the only other person that gets an across-the-board response and respect level — black radio, white radio…We push each other. I look at me and Justin like Prince and Michael Jackson in their day.”

Kanye West on frenemy 50 Cent in January 2009: “50 is one of those rappers that I said was the end all be all of what rap what supposed to be. Like a true iconic rapper.”

Kanye West on Rihanna in February 2009: “Rihanna is so important to our culture, to pop music. I feel like she is the most important artist in music and has the most potential. Her taste level and her age … she has the potential to be the greatest artist of all time.”

Kanye West on Kanye West in November 2008: “I want to be Elvis,” he said during an acceptance speech at the American Music Awards. But days later he clarified, “I really should have thought that out more because that statement was actually really incorrect. Actually, the true statement was ‘I want to be better than Elvis.'”

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