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ObamaNation: Barack Offers CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta U.S. Surgeon General Post


President-elect Barack Obama has asked neurosurgeon and CNN medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta to be U.S. surgeon general.

Traditionally the U.S. top spokesman on matters of public health, as Surgeon General, Gupta has the potential to be the highest-profile surgeon general in history, according to the Washington Post.

Gupta, now working at CNN, served as a White House fellow, where he was a special adviser to Hillary Clinton in the 90s, and is a practicing neurosurgeon and professor at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Emory University Hospital and Grady Memorial Hospital.

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Mariah Carey = Not A Math Whiz

Sense About Science annually reports on celebrities “misleading claims” about science and has listed Mariah Carey as one of this year’s offenders in the mathematics category.

The 2008 Science report calls out Carey for ignoring basic algebra and translating her latest album title E=MC2, which is borrowed from Einstein’s most famous scientific formula for mass-energy equivalence, as “emancipation equals Mariah Carey times two,” instead of squared.

The number two in the equation acts as an exponent to the C variable, meaning the C would be multiplied by itself -another C, and not multiplied by the number two as Carey has mistakenly said.

But since Carey squared is exponentially better than Carey multiplied by two, we think Mimi’s new math deserves an A plus!

A few other celebrities busted for their lack of science sense: Tom Cruise for pooh poohing psychiatry, Demi Moore for endorsing the detox benefits of leeches, and TV cook Delia Smith for claiming the nation’s obesity could be cured ” if we cut down sugar addiction.”

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UK Model Katie Green Wants to ‘Shovel Some Food Down’ Jourdan Dunn’s Throat

UK model Katie Green, who was once told to lose weight for more modeling work, is speaking out on Jourdan Dunn‘s recent win as Model of the Year from the British Fashion Council.

“I think it is disgusting that Jourdan won,” Green told The Sun. “Jourdan is seriously underweight. I was looking at pictures of her and she looks like a bag of bones. Her legs are like two twigs. I was horrified.”

Revealing that she is happy and healthy at a size 12 at 5ft 10in, Green, who models lingerie for Ultimo, adds, “I want to march Jourdan down to her local restaurant and shovel some food down her throat.”

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Ga Ga: TG Woman & Illustrator Nina Poon in Kenneth Cole Ads

“We all walk in different shoes,” politically and socially conscious designer Kenneth Cole says in his latest ad campaign, which celebrates individuals who choose to redefine the roles society gives them in order to be their true selves.

What makes Nina Poon, one of Cole’s latest faces, exemplary (and ga ga-worthy) is not her fame or her celebrity or her beauty, it’s the fact that she’s a 30-something illustrator–who happens to be a transgender woman.

Born in 1975 in Saigon, the oldest son of traditional Chinese parents, Poon immigrated with her family in 1978 to Florida, and soon realized that her body didn’t match her gender. It was a battle between her anatomy and her gender.

“I’ve always felt like a woman. It was like I was in jail,” Poon says of growing up in a male’s body. “When I was little, I didn’t think there was anything I could do about it at all.” In 2004, Poon underwent sexual reassignment surgery.

Now, an applauded illustrator and artist, Poon and her boyfriend Robert Jason appear in Kenneth Cole ads, sharing Poon’s journey and battle as a transgender woman in American society. The ads also feature an African American albino woman, a punk evangelist, an ovarian cancer survivor, and the hasidic reggae musician Matishayu.

“I just knew her for being her,” Jason–who identifies himself as a straight man–says of his girlfriend.

“I am, like, my true self now. It feels euphoric,” she says.

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STUDY: Beauty Salons No Longer Just for Gossip, Tracks & Bootlegs

In a new study researchers used beauty shops to educate African American women about stroke warning signs and risk factors, according to Reuters.

To spread the word about strokes, researchers from the University of Cincinnati implemented an educational intervention for hairdressers and their clients in Cincinnati and Atlanta-area salons.

“Our results suggest that the beauty shop is a potentially excellent educational setting for stroke and other health issues for black women and should be used in future studies,” the researchers conclude about black women who tend to be widely uninformed about their high-risk factor for heart disease.

Blindie wonders whether the researchers even considered performing their study in church. Do black women really spend that much time at the salon?

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Health Race Matters

The ‘Emotional Labor’ of Being Black At Work

Sociologists Marlese Durr and Adia Harvey Wingfield presented research on the ’emotional labor’ black professionals endure in the workplace at the American Sociological Association’s 103rd Annual meeting Monday in Boston.

The study, entitled “Keep Your ‘N’ In Check: African American Women and the Interactive Effects of Etiquette and Emotional Labor,” finds that black professionals undergo two types of emotional performance: general etiquette and racialized emotion maintenance as they fulfill the expectations of white colleagues in the workplace.

They illustrate their point with this quote from a black woman in the workforce: “Keep your Negro in check! Don’t let it jump up and show anger, disapproval, or difference of opinion. They [white co-workers] have to like you and think that you are as close to them as possible in thought, ideas, dress and behavior”

Durr explains that emotional labor is “a crucial part of black women’s self-presentation in work and social public spaces” and these efforts to fit in can make black women feel isolated, alienated, and frustrated.

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Black-Owned Condom Company Reaching Out to Dollar Stores

Kirk Manuel, CEO of Head Strong Condoms, is trying to make condoms available to lower income black communities through the omnipresent dollar store.

“Dollar stores are in low-income neighborhoods, but try finding a condom in one of those stores. They’re not there and it’s a tragedy,” he says in a statement. “You can find liquor, you can find tobacco, but you can’t always find condoms, we need to do a better job educating, and we need to do a better job making condoms available too,”

Manuel, who is African American, started his company after learning HIV-infected adults were knowingly infecting others with the virus and holds a “no excuses” philosophy at his company.

“There is no excuse for not using a condom,” Manuel says. “If you can’t afford condoms, there are places you can get them free.”

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