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SPOTTED: Shaun Ross at Persona Magazine Launch Party


Blindie has been obsessed with black albinos ever since we reported on their mistreatment in Africa, so when we spotted Shaun at the Persona magazine launch at The Griffin on Friday we had to ask him a few questions. Imagine our surprise when we found out he was featured on Tyra Banks’ website.

NAME: Shaun Ross
OCCUPATION: Albino male model
NAME YOUR STYLE: “It’s just ME!”
STYLE INFLUENCE: “I just love black!”

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Blindie Exclusives Designers Fashion Spotted

SPOTTED: Kate Ross And Johnny Good In New York’s East Village


Blindie spotted a fashionable couple strolling down Broadway in New York’s East Village and we just had to capture their moment and get their fashion point of view on a few questions.

NAME: Kate Ross
OCCUPTATION: Designer/Owner of Distinguished Cravat (specializing in leather and plaid bowties and neckties)
HOMETOWN: Winston Salem, NC
OUTFIT SOUNDTRACK: “Heartbeat” by Madonna
FASHION ICON: Yves Saint Laurent. (“I feel like when he died I carry his spirit for women who don’t like to be “pretty” all the time.)

NAME: Johnny Good
HOMETOWN: Flatbush, Brooklyn with an ATL connection
OUTFIT SOUNDTRACK: “Jungle Grooves” by James Brown and “Touch The Sky” by Kanye West
FASHION ICON: Ralph Lauren. (“His story is inspirational -how he came up.”)

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Blindie Exclusives Fashion Keino Benjamin Parties

Old Navy Launches ‘Supermodelquins’ Campaign at New York’s 1OAK With Michelle Trachtenberg And Olivia Palermo


Is Old Navy trying to beat the recession by replacing live models with mannequins?

The trendy but always economical fashion megastore launched their “Supermodelquins” campaign at New York hot spot 1OAK Tuesday night where The City‘s Olivia Palermo and Gossip Girl‘s Michelle Trachtenberg made nice with the plastic people.

Blindie got a chance to catch up with Spotted stylist Keino Benjamin, who is currently dressing Jessica Rich of VH1’s Real Chance Of Love (yes, low-brow, but whatevs!).

Benjamin tells us his dream client would be Rihanna: “I would put more high-end dresses on her, get her back to longer hair and ditch some of the black she’s been sporting. She’s too beautiful to be dressing so dark all the time!”

PHOTO CREDIT: Sara Jaye Weiss

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Advertisements Food Spotted

SPOTTED’s Lance-Chandler Pulls An “AllNighter” At Denny’s

Denny’s recently unleashed their Allnighter campaign to put some rock n’ roll in your late night special. Their latest commercial stars Lance-Chandler Russell, who was featured in a recent SPOTTED post by Blindie.

In the ad, the edgy cutie is rocking a mean fro’ and his signature “urban street meets fashion runway” style.

The all-American diner now features a rock star menu with selections made by hip bands like Plain White T’s, Taking Back Sunday, and The All-American Rejects.

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Blindie Exclusives Ga Ga Paula Patton TV

Blindie Exclusive: Sorority Forever‘s Candice Patton Talks Family, Music & Career

Blindie recently chatted with newcomer Candice Patton of The WB online’s Sorority Forever and we couldn’t help but to ask if there was any celeb relations between her and actress Paula Patton of Swing Vote and Mirrors.

“That’s so funny, someone asked me that yesterday,” the Texas native told Blindie. “I don’t think I am. I’m gonna say no, but you never know.”

While she may not be related to the other Patton, she does make another famous connection: “I get that a lot with Usher, because I guess his family’s last name is Patton. I don’t know. He may be like a distant cousin.”

As for her own family, she says, “I have super supportive parents who kind of said, ‘This is what you love, we’ll support you and pay for you to go to school and study it.’ It’s a dream come true to…have them move me out here to Los Angeles of all places and get my feet on the ground and have some kind of success.”

Although her resume reads like a who’s who of daytime soaps, from The Young and the Restless to Days of our Lives, Patton confesses to finding artistic fulfillment in quirky indie films. “I really, really enjoy independent films,” she says. “Things that are a little quirkier, that are a little more offbeat than the big blockbuster films.”

Patton’s indie taste even extends to music as she admits to being a fan of folk soul and raves about singer Ray Lamontagne (who performs a mean acoustic cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”).

As for Sorority Forever, Patton, who missed out on the Greek experience while studying theater at the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, says, “Spending everyday with these girls they become like your sister…we call each other sis and we’re like ‘hey sissy’, like we’re in a Greek sorority.”

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Fashion Spotted

SPOTTED: Lance-Chandler at Union Square & Noa at SoHo’s The Market NYC

NAME: Lance-Chandler Russell
HOMETOWN: Bushwick, Brooklyn
NAME YOUR EMSEMBLE: “Urban Street Meets Fashion Runway”
OUTFIT SOUNDTRACK: “A Little Better” by Gnarls Barkley
FASHION ICON: Life. (“I draw from myself. Life fashions itself.”)

OUTFIT SOUNDTRACK: Anything Bob Marley.
FASHION ICON: Ex-girlfriend. (“She would dress me up, make me try new things. I would’ve never worn skinny jeans if it wasn’t for her. Now, I’m all over it.”)

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