WATCH THIS: Rita Ora Steams It Up with Chris Brown in “Body On Me” Video

This new video featuring Rita Ora and Chris Brown for Ora’s track “Body On Me,” is so damn hot and steamy it has reminiscing of the days of Ri-Ri and Breezy.

How hot and steamy is this video?  Well, it makes us kind of like Chris Brown again, and it also makes us think Rita is a good replacement for Rihanna. Ok sure, Rita is no Rihanna -she’s not West Indian, or even black (she’s British and born to Kosovar-Albanian parents), and she’s not dating Chris Brown….yet.

This video also has us wondering if the British flag is being violated the way Rita wriggles and writhes her seemingly naked body under it. Someone alert the queen, oh never mind “stay calm and steam on.”

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