Spectre Star Christophe Waltz “open” to a black James Bond, but not really…

Christoph Waltz stars in the 24th installment of the James Bond franchise, Spectre, as the villain Franz Oberhauser. When asked whether he thought there would ever be an African American James Bond, Waltz said he was open to the possibility but then basically tried to make that possibility seem absurd by asking, “it wouldn’t make sense to cast Martin Luther King with a white man, would it?”

Uh, yes, it would make sense Mr. Waltz, because Lin-Manuel Miranda cast black men as America’s founding fathers, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in the musical Hamilton, and it was a smash hit off-Broadway and is winning rave reviews on-Broadway.

Don’t worry, Blindie is still open to the possibility of going to see Spectre at the cinema. We admit we’re suckers for a Bond film.

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