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Sandra Bland Dashcam Video Arrest Appears To Be Edited -Ava DuVernay Agrees

sandra-blandVideo footage of the arrest of Sandra Bland, the 28-year-old woman who was pulled over by a state trooper  in Waller County, TX on July 10, and later died in a jail cell, has finally been released -and it’s a doozy!

Not only does the state trooper’s dashcam video capture the trooper threatening Bland by saying “I will light you up!” as he points a stun gun at her. But the video also shows that the state trooper did not seem to be in harm’s way when he tried to physically remove Bland from the car, slam her to the ground and ultimately arrest her. The kicker is that the originally released video showed signs of editing – discontinuities in time and the absence of a timecode.

The blog, dissects and explains the video’s discrepancies. A newer version of the arrest has been released by the Texas Department of Public Safety and while there appear to be no blips in continuity, there is still an obvious lack of a timecode,

Selma director Ava DuVernay agrees that the original video appears to be edited, tweeting out this statement:





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