Read Bill Cosby’s Damning Deposition Then Try Watching The Cosby Show Without Getting Creeped Out


Bill Cosby was subjected to four days of questioning under oath in Philadelphia ten years ago as part of a deposition in a lawsuit brought against him by Andrea Co nstand who accused him of drugging and molesting her.

The deposition was previously sealed as part of the settlement in the case but lawyers for the woman who accused Cosby argued that the full deposition should be made public because of statements made by Cosby’s defense team over the last few months that have damaged their client Andrea Constand and violated the confidentiality agreement.

Read the damning admissions by your favorite TV dad and just try to watch episodes of The Cosby Show without getting creeped out:

Cosby: I am a man, the only way you will hear about who I had sex with is from the person I had it with.

Q. Why is that?

Cosby: When I was a boy it was a thing that girls used to say, please don’t tell anybody. But it is something that I’ve learned as you grow older that they’re the first people to go and tell somebody after something has happened.


When asked about his relationship with a woman who accused him of drugging her, Beth Ferrier:

Q. What was your relationship with her?

Cosby: We had sex and we had dinners and sex and rendezvous.

Q. What are rendezvous?

Cosby: Rendezvous is when you call somebody and say, do you want to be at such and such and they say yes and you go there.

Q. Is there sexual contact associated with the rendezvous?

Cosby: There was with Beth every time.

Q. Where did these rendezvous occur?

Cosby: I don’t remember.

Q. Do you know the cities?

Cosby: Denver for sure.

Q. Do you know if any of the rendezvous happened in New York City?

Cosby: I don’t remember.

Q. How did it end with her?

Cosby: Stopped calling for rendezvous.

Q. You stopped?

Cosby: Yes.

Q. Why?

Cosby: Just moving on.

Q. What does that mean?

Cosby: Don’t want to see her anymore.

After more questioning:

Q. You said just moving on. What did you mean by that?

Cosby: Changing.

Q. Had you decided to stop having extramarital affairs?

Cosby: No.

When questioned about obtaining prescriptions for Quaaludes from a Los Angeles doctor in the 1970s:

Q. You testified that he knew you were not going to take them. And I’d like to — explain your answer. How did he know that, or why do you say he knew that?

Cosby: What was happening at that time was that that was — Quaaludes happen to be the drug that kids, young people were using to party with and there were times when I wanted to have them just in case.

After more questioning:

Q. Why didn’t you ever take the Quaaludes?

Cosby: Because I used them.

Q. For what?

Cosby: The same as a person would say have a drink.

When questioned about about how he described his plans to  to pay for Andrea Constand’s education, by saying “our writing a check.”

Q. And our being who?

Cosby: The family.

Q. Would your wife know about that?

Cosby:  That’s family. My wife would not know it was because Andrea and I had had sex and that Andrea was now very, very upset and that she decided that she would like to go to school or whatever it is. We can get back on track.

Q. How would you explain to your wife that you were giving this personally as opposed to using the foundation?

Cosby: I would say to her that there is a person I would like to help.


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