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OVER IT: Rachel Dolezal, Caitlyn Jenner, and The Confederate Flag

Blindie is not only over the racial shenanigans of Rachel Dolezal, #ByeRachel, the transition of Bruce Jenner into Caitlyn and that damn racist Confederate flag, we’re also WAY over the media hype of it all.

First of all, Rachel Dolezal presents herself as a pathological liar who is in deep denial of reality. This denial of reality includes her parentage, which leads us to question whether she is mentally unstable in some way or is rejecting her parents because of some type of abuse she was subjected to or witnessed.


And what about those allegations of her biological brother, Joshua Dolezal’s sexual abuse charges against a minor, for which he is set to stand trial. We want to know more about what went wrong in her family and her childhood. We don’t care how she got so tan, or how she curled up her hair. We’ll admit we enjoyed the #AskRachel tweets… a lot, but come on, the NAACP should have fired her for the simple act of lying about something so basic as her race – and not because she was trying to pass but because when confronted by press, she continued to circle the truth in pathetic attempts to keep up the ruse. That’s just pathological and weird!

Here’s the look we get when Rachel Dolezal is mentioned nowadays:

Maya Rudolph impersonating Rachel Dolezal on "Late Night With Seth Meyers"
Maya Rudolph impersonating Rachel Dolezal on “Late Night With Seth Meyers”


Ok, now onto Bruce, err we mean Caitlyn Jenner. Good for you that you can finally be who you feel that you were meant to be. This is America and that’s the way it should be for everyone here.


But please recognize these few things 1) you are transitioning and coming out to the world during the height of trans issues, 2)you were born a white male, the most privileged gender and race in America, 3) you have previously won an Olympic gold medal, which means you were in everyone’s hearts and minds from early on, 4) you are rich, 5) and you live in the safe cushy world of Hollywood. All of these things mean that you are coming out in a relatively safe environment and will NEVER, EVER know the physical pain, the slurs, or the indignation that so many trans people of color, trans people of lesser means, or just the average trans person have endured. A transgender person is murdered every 29 hours, so we’re over Caitlyn’s Hollywood experience of transitioning and would like to hear more from the real trans heroes who walked the walk before any doors were open to them -like Janet Mock, host of‘s So Popular.

And finally, the confederate flag, a representation of the losing side in a battle. The flag that was to represent the handful of states that wanted to secede from the union -South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas, mainly because they wanted to maintain the institution of slavery. You know slavery, one of the integral components of their economy, the institution that was propping up their economy and making their lives comfortable and basically manageable in some of the country’s sweltering hot regions.

The evolution of the Confederate Flag over the years.
The evolution of the Confederate Flag over the years.


But here’s the thing, the civil war is over and no matter how many times people re-enact it, the outcome is still the same -the confederacy LOST! It’s OVER, and therefore we are over the confederate flag. It’s just pathetic and divisive to be a United States and hang onto a flag that represents dissent and division.

And this is the look we give when we see a confederate flag -ya SORE LOSERS!



Full Disclosure: Janet Mock was an editor at Blindie but now speaks, writes and travels the world for trans issues.

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