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Prince’s Awesomeness is Confirmed In His High School Basketball Photo!


This high school basketball photo of Prince Roger Nelson recently resurfaced and went viral after a Minnesota Star Tribune reporter discovered the clipping in their archives and posted it to Twitter.

There are so many great things about the article and photo -the afro, the sly smile, the satin shorts….but the best thing is that these four things have been proven to us:

1 – Even before “Purple Rain” made Prince a music icon, he was holding court -in high school!

2 – Charlie Murphy and his hilarious Chappelle Show skit, where he recounts playing ball with Prince (in heels) and getting dunked on, was much truer than we could ever have imagined. The article says Prince made the junior varsity team in ninth grade and “was an excellent player.”

3 – Prince is truly a renaissance man who can sing, dance, play baseball, basketball was a football player, and can even make pancakes -according to Charlie Murphy. Watch the video below!

4 – At 5′ 2″ Prince does it all and proves that size does not matter! <insert Prince scream here>


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