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GIMME FIVE: Top Moments From SNL 40

Saturday Night Live turned 40 with a three-and-a-half hour live episode on Sunday, and a reunion of cast members. Here are Blindie’s top 5 moments from the extra-long episode.

1. Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s Rap Intro

The duo paid tribute to the various SNL sketches and catch-phrases over the years through song and dance, and kind of nailed it. Best SNL intro we’ve seen in quite awhile.

2. Bradley Cooper Making Out With Betty White.

This had us laughing, then cringing, and then turning the channel until the skit ended.


3. That Guitar Player We All Love!

SNL brought back that guitar player that would always steal the scene with his riffs and crazy faces -you know the one. Apparently his name is G.E. Smith and he was also the musical director on Saturday Night Live. His impressive resume includes lead guitarist with Hall & Oates and the lead guitarist with Bob Dylan’s touring band during the late 1980s.


4. The Star-Studded Audience.

Forget the guest stars, Blindie spied a whole bevvy of celebrities young and old, but mostly old, in the SNL 40 audience. There were the obvious attendees like Ellen Kleghorn, Al Franken, Tom Arnold, Jim Breur (Goat Boy), and then there were the unexpected, like Steven Spielberg, Michael Douglas with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, former Yankees Manager Joe Torre, Mel Brooks, Jeff Goldblum, Blondie, Paul Rudd, Sarah Palin, Sheryl Crow, Matthew Broderick and George Lucas with wife Mellody Hobson. Here is the complete guest list.

5. Eddie Murphy, Dammit!

Original SNL cast member Eddie Murphy showed up, got a standing ovation, and didn’t even have to perform. Now how’s that for star power?  After all, he did have the biggest career out of all of the cast members over the years.



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