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Star Wars Fans Think Black People Are Ruining Their Science Fiction


Apparently there are a lot of Star Wars fans who are “okay with blue people, green people and purple people but black people is going too far.” Yes, that’s an actual quote from a nobody nerd who likes science fiction, Steve Collataly. He goes on to say this about black people – “If they want to be in space why don’t they get their own universe? And by the way, do we have to have black people in everything? Aren’t white people good enough already?”

Blindie wonders if nerd Steve knows that the creator of his holy Star Wars is married to a black woman, Mellody Hobson. And yes Steve, black people have to be in everything, especially if everything means the consumable media that surrounds you in this country. According to Nielsen, “African-American consumers have unique behaviors from the total market…they’re more aggressive consumers of media and they shop more frequently. Blacks watch more television (37%), make more shopping trips (eight)… than any other group.” This means that we have purchasing power and we are the ones that need to be included in the media that we are consuming and purchasing.

We’re not even going to get into history and the origins of man, we’re just going to keep this on a purely financial and science fiction level.

Another nerd,  Janet Harries, posted this on the Internet:  “I don’t mind blacks in the film as long as they play characters like Jar Jar Binks who, strangely enough, I don’t want in the film either. If we must have blacks then I hope they start out black when they’re evil and turn white when they’re good again. Just like Darth Vader did.”

Wait, what? Jar Jar Binks was never supposed to represent black people on purpose. Yes, jar Jar was voiced by a black person, but it was a racist blunder that turned Jar Jar Binks into a shuffling racial joke, much the same way that the Neimoidians resembled Asian Emperors. And when was Darth Vader ever black? Yes, he was voiced by a black person, but….oh never mind!

It’s a movie people! And the times they are a changing, so stop saying things that your grandparents would’ve said sixty years ago, it’s embarrassing already.

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