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WATCH THIS: Super Sleek Animation Action Hero Vol. V

Take a peek at this animation short as it takes you on a sleek adventure through a noirish world of smooth music and an elusive action hero. Animator and director Etop Akpabio borrows style from comic strips and spy films and adds an impressive soundtrack.

Ok ok, so you have to sit through the commercial in the beginning, but hey it’s the one with Carlton dancing like Michael Jackson!

12 thoughts on “WATCH THIS: Super Sleek Animation Action Hero Vol. V

  1. i really love to watch your video babe…
    i already watch it for 2nd time poh hehehe

    i just had a time to comment right now because when i tried to comment before the pages cannot be display.

    its a good and beautiful movies poh!!
    and of course it was beautiful because the 1 who made this video is my one and only love don segaffi 😀

    Keep up the good work babe!!
    im proud of you poh!

  2. totally unexpected!!! Looks like tons of work was put into the film. I hope for a sequel!


  3. Graphics were good/Liked the concept.
    I didn’t get the theme (storyline) for the episode It left me with questions:
    Why does villian get a intro and not the hero?
    Why are they fighting?
    Why are they in the rain?
    Why are they fighting?
    Where did the helicopter come from?
    Why were they fighting?

    I think you can take some of the credits and intro away to beef up the plot.

    Hey, I just finished watching some Thai martial arts films- so I think that makes me an expert… right? : )

    I honestly could not have done any better.

  4. All that I can say is FAB U LOUS. I absolutely enjoy your creativity and always look forward to whats next from you. It could be anything, so suprise me. Keep up the good work its only going up from here.

  5. I loved the movie, it just left me wanting more, I love the fight scenes

    2 Thumbs up from me

  6. NICE! Love your usage of typography, the music and the pacing in the fight scene is spot on—I just want more! AND I didn’t mind the PEPSI commercial prior to. 😀

  7. 1:45 intro PEPSI
    3 minute clip….
    then 2 min credits…
    3 more for..stuff
    You love it….
    It is kool

    smootth…..awesome fun

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