WATCH THIS: Short and Romantic on a Low Budget

Don’t let the name fool you, this independent short is less about romance and more about urban gentrification. Two people ruminate over a recent stabbing in one of those typical conversations where a local tries to scare a newbie with tales of the neighborhoods criminal past, complete with references to rap songs and mayhem in a third world country.

Written and directed by Neil Drumming and starring Gbenga Akinnagbe and Sofia Regan, Romantic was produced on a shoe-string budget. Shot on HD with a Canon HV30 in a studio, the short makes use of some creative production by subbing actual urban streets for a green screen backdrop and some photography of stereotpical Brooklyn shots -brownstones, graffiti, bodegas, and of course a liquor store.

One thought on “WATCH THIS: Short and Romantic on a Low Budget

  1. It’s not a local and a “newbie”. They’re both “newbies”. Very realistic dialogue. Even as a gentrifying white male, I’ve heard and given these speeches to more than a few pale skinned female “newbies”.

    black folks call it being “fake” when someone who ain’t from the hood, tries to school someone in the hood, who ain’t from the hood. You got it right when you said don’t let the title fool you.

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