WATCH THIS: The Underworld of Egypt’s Trash Collectors revealed in Garbage Dreams

Independent filmmaker Mai Iskander delves into the lives of three teenage trash collectors living in Egypt. Known as the Zaballeen (Arabic for garbage people) Adham (17), Osama (16), and Nabil (18) are faced with life-changing choices as the city seeks to replace them with a multinational garbage disposal company.

Iskander reveals the touching stories of these three boys and reveals the hidden world of Cairo’s Zaballeen, who for generations have collected the city’s garbage.

Winner of 17 awards, including the Jury Prize at the Dubai International film festival and Best Documentary at South by Southwest, Garbage Dreams has been held over at the IFC theater in New York for a second wee until January 26th.

Dreams sheds light on the people that make a living on the by-products of our disposable world.

Blindie highly recommends you watch this film!

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