LISTEN UP: New Artist Bousal Debuts Music of My Soul

The promising new artist Bousal debuts his first album today, Music of My Soul, showcasing his penchant for “lyrical expressionism” through an eclectic array of tracks that he describes as influences of vintage reggae, blues, and “DJ chatting.

Bousal prides himself on his songwriting skills and says “I just want to be known as a man who has strong lyrics” and even confesses his mother once told him, ‘you don’t know how to sing but you know how to express yourself.’

A self-trained singer, Bousal began performing while attending high school in Brooklyn, playing small clubs and parties in the neighborhood. His favorite artists are as varied as his musical styles as he lists reggae artist Buju Banton, Blues men B.B. King and Buddy Guy, and even Frank Sinatra among his top five -perhaps a sign that this artist  won’t allow himself to be pigeon-holed into one genre.

Independently produced by Etop “Segaffi” Akpabio, Music is a nice departure from the usual over-produced music from mainstream labels and their stylized artists and delivers that edgy unfettered realness that only an indie album from an artist-on-the-rise can offer.

Music of My Soul is available at and on iTunes.

11 thoughts on “LISTEN UP: New Artist Bousal Debuts Music of My Soul

  1. Music of My Soul is an album with different styles; there’s a song for everyone’s tastes. My favorite is the folksy Heard About You. I also like Juenesse Moir although I don’t understand French, now I want to learn. Lying Can Deceive, Up the Hills and Wrong Love are also very nice catchy tunes. I recommend the album and am looking forward to volume 2.

  2. Refreshing and revitalizing…. Love the various details and beats… Something for everyone, evokes a certain nostalgia while redefining the fusion – bravo waiting for the next album 🙂

  3. Great album!!!! The new sound for 2010, with a hint of classic reggae tunes, this album is deffinitley a HIT!!!

  4. bousal i love all your tunes, man !! everyone of your songs has a very special meaning, and for the viewers who listen i know that their’s a song for you that you can truly say man the same thing happened to you , and busal you are singing the song reality style my favourite is so long. blessing and more blessings jah!!! cause somtimes when people gone from our lives, it could be a husband, wife, or even a friend we often ask god why, but the question should be why you took so long.

  5. I listened to the LP all the way through. It is a grand experience of modern spoken word and reggae with a great concept twist. Etop did it well with Bousal’s vocal compositions. I only wish there was a 50’s rock ballad on the LP.


  6. Nice work my dear etop 😀
    and i already hear the music its good!!

    and hope to hear another album again 😀
    and nice work to all of you guyz!

    Congrats all 😀
    specially to etop my dear 😀

  7. This is a Great Album!!! Lively beats, great composition. Looking forward to the next album!!!

  8. I love this album all the songs make sense my favorite song is LyingCanDecieve whens the next album coming out i will be looking forward to it….

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