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Dutch Model Lara Stone Dons Blackface for French Vogue


In the never-ending, broken record saga of blackface as an art form, Dutch model Lara Stone is the latest white person to dip into the shoe polish.

Stone’s face, arms and legs were painted in dark make-up to resemble what we can all assume to be a black person. French Vogue‘s editor-in-chief Carine Roitfield styled the shoot, and is rumored to be next in line as editor-in-chief at the American Vogue.

Needless to say the photos, taken by Steven Klein, are causing controversy as bloggers and editors speak out against it. Fashion magazine Jezebel said, “What Klein and Roitfeld should know is that painting white people black for the entertainment of other white people is offensive in ways that stand entirely apart from cultural context.”

Can someone call Harry Connick Jr.? and get him to explain the whole blackface thing to French Vogue.


8 thoughts on “Dutch Model Lara Stone Dons Blackface for French Vogue

  1. Who cares?
    I think painting a black person white or a white person black leaves a pretty interesting result. Very strange and striking. (Of course, if they painted a black person white there would be an uproar)

    I think people should stop seeing racism in everything and accept that art and fashion will always be about pushing limits, even if it’s controversial.

  2. …and the ignorant have the nerve to say that we are now in a “post-racial era” because we have a Black President now? What an error!!!

    This is so angering! There are so many Black models from whom to choose.

    Folks, don’t forget the influx of drugs, etc. when “they” thought we were going too far. 🙁

  3. So many Black models out there, and they have to do this?
    Fact: Some designers won’t even book Black models.
    Don’t be fooled by the “its just art” response. Wrong is wrong. No excuses here.

  4. I am appalled. If you wanted a black or African American model, there are plenty out there. It is very offensive for a white person or anyone to paint themselves to look like a black person or any other person of color. Of course, we can preach this and preach this but no white person without a conscious would understand.

    Where was she and her people during slavery times. Why didn’t she paint herself then and help us pick cotton or help us nurse the babies of the white people. I will even bring it closer to home, where was she and her ‘blackface’ when we were marching for equal rights in Alabama and Georgia. Where was she and her ‘blackface’ when people with ‘real’ blackfaces were being lynced on a daily basis…. I will stop before I get on my soap box. As I said, the person that modeled for this or took this picture has No Conscious or compassion for the rights/ feelings of other culturals or people of color.

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