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Ancient Egyptian Statue Bears Eerie Resemblance To Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson not only lives on in song but apparently his image is living on in the statue of an ancient Egyptian bust at The Field Museum in Chicago.

An eerie resemblance between the King of Pop and the statue of an anonymous Egyptian has people flocking to the museum.

“The idea that people are coming in specifically to see if they can recognize Michael Jackson is a little disturbing to me, but … if that’s what gets people interested in Egypt, interested that in 1500 B.C. people were carving these lovely faces in limestone, that’s OK with me, too,” said Jim Phillips, the museum’s curator of the Near East and North Africa.

The statue, dating back to between 1550 and 1050 B.C., has been on display as part of the museum’s Ancient Egypt exhibit since 1988. However, the MJ connectionwasn’t brought to the attention of the general public until last week by newspaper columnist Michael Sneed of the Chicago Sun-Times.

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