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Madonna’s Adoption Parodied In Edinburgh Fringe Festival’s Mercy Madonna of Malawi

We suppose it was only a matter of time before Madonna‘s controversial Malawian adoption drama was parodied into a musical starring a black man in drag.

Mercy Madonna of Malawi, directed by award-winning British director Toby Gough stars Robert Magasa as the Material Girl and a cast of Malawian dancers wearing “Adopt Me” T-shirts.

Madonna and her repertoire of hits are skewered in the parody as “La Isla Bonita” is performed as “Last Night I Dreamed of Malawi,” and a scene shows the pop star passing gas in the bed with her adopted son David Banda and then using him as a step to climb onto the stage.

The Malawian actors researched the production by spending time with the lawyer who opposed the adoption on the ground of children’s rights, Maxwell Matewere, and James Kambewa, Mercy’s father who also opposed the adoption.

The low-budget musical is playing as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at St. George’s West in Edinburgh until August 31.

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