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Obama As Heath Ledger’s Joker in ‘Socialism’ Poster Appears In L.A.

Posters depicting President Barack Obama as the Joker character from the Batman series Dark Knight with the word “socialism” across it have been appearing in Los Angeles causing some to cry racism and others to call it political commentary fail.

The posters are believed to be part of a campaign by conservatives who do not agree with Obama’s policies, but as yet is unconfirmed. The creator of the poster is also as yet unknown.

Critics have already accused the Joker depiction as being racist because of the similarity to the “blackface” caricature. scoffs at these racist claims and makes a rather good point saying, “There’s nothing racist about depicting Obama as a famous movie character. The poster equates him to a famous clown which had large red lips. If you think this is racist, I guess a black man can never dress up as a clown.”

“If I had to design the poster I would’ve turned Obama into Mao or Lenin,” Rightpundits goes on to say.

What does this poster represent to you? Propoganda, racism, or just great pop art.

6 thoughts on “Obama As Heath Ledger’s Joker in ‘Socialism’ Poster Appears In L.A.

  1. You know who keeps on loaning us more and more money- more than any other nation? Socialist China. Who we bare our teeth at, and rattle our sabres. Threatening to bite the very hands that are feeding us. Yep. American’s are that stupid.

    What probably would make the right uncomfortable to accept is that Obama continued in the strategy of bailing out big businesses – doubling or quadrupling down on ‘W’s actions. And his military overspending was awful. Sure, Trump outdid him in terms of wasteful “defense” budgets, but thats no excuse.

  2. Wake up and smell the socialism people… that’s why it says “socialism”

    Are there REALLY people so dense that they don’t get that?

    Sorry, I forgot most people are media-fed programmed, products of a school system that teaches WHAT to think instead of HOW to think… so much that they never even question where their thoughts and beliefs came from… Glad I don’t share the fate of those ones.

  3. Not racism this time. Although I don’t agree with the right-winger’s beliefs, I think its political commentary more-so than anything else. BHO should expect this, a change for the better is not an easy thing for many.

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