One of Blindie’s fave models Jourdan Dunn is pregnant with her first child, according to Vogue. And expecting her new arrival in December.

At only 19, the British model and ubiquitous cover girl has staked her claim in fashion landing on the exclusive Vogue Italia cover last year. But she’s exciting for her new baby with her boyfriend of several years.

“I’m real looking forward to the future and having my baby,” she said. “I’m lucky – I’m feeling really well. I’m healthy and happy!”

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APTOPIX Obama Birthday
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

President Barack Obama celebrated his 48th birthday on Tuesday and shared the love with long-time White House reporter Helen Thomas, who was also celebrating her birthday.

Obama led a roomful of reporters in singing “Happy Birthday” and presented Thomas with cupcakes and a kiss on the cheek.

“Helen wished for world peace, (and) no prejudice, but she and I also had a common birthday wish,” Obama said. “She said she wishes for a healthcare reform bill.”

And what did the President do to honor his own special day? A lunch meeting with 57 of the 60 Democratic senators and independents. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Obama already celebrated his birthday over the weekend at Camp David with family and friends, playing basketball and bowling a 144.

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Henry Louis Gates Jr. attended the Martha’s Vineyard Book Festival on Sunday and revealed to the crowd that he has had to change his cell phone number and shut down his public email after receiving death threats in the wake of his arrest.

“The University encouraged me to move,” Gates told the crowd explaining that the situation has been “stressful” yet insisting, “lot’s of people go through far worse things, and I mean I was in jail for four hours, not four years or four months or four days, so I don’t want to exaggerate the trauma.”

Gates also joked about the “beer summit” he attended with the arresting officer Sgt. James Crowley saying, “he offered to get his [Crowley’s] kids into Harvard if he doesn’t arrest me again.”

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Posters depicting President Barack Obama as the Joker character from the Batman series Dark Knight with the word “socialism” across it have been appearing in Los Angeles causing some to cry racism and others to call it political commentary fail.

The posters are believed to be part of a campaign by conservatives who do not agree with Obama’s policies, but as yet is unconfirmed. The creator of the poster is also as yet unknown.

Critics have already accused the Joker depiction as being racist because of the similarity to the “blackface” caricature. scoffs at these racist claims and makes a rather good point saying, “There’s nothing racist about depicting Obama as a famous movie character. The poster equates him to a famous clown which had large red lips. If you think this is racist, I guess a black man can never dress up as a clown.”

“If I had to design the poster I would’ve turned Obama into Mao or Lenin,” Rightpundits goes on to say.

What does this poster represent to you? Propoganda, racism, or just great pop art.

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