Color on the Cover Michael Jackson

Color on the Cover: Michael Jackson’s Death Launches Legacy Covers


Following the death of Michael Jackson at age 50, magazines have scrambled to assemble tribute covers detailing his life in images, hits and headlines. Here are some covers honoring MJ’s life:


Jackson Magazine Covers

Managing editor Richard Stengel said of the issue: “We realized his life did fall into these chapters. There was the little Michael Jackson — the Jackson 5. There were the superstar years where he was the most famous, global celebrity and then the very weird, eccentric years. We thought that would be a great structure for the package — with that opening story about the news of his death and then a closing piece evaluating the music.”



“You want to be on the newsstand for those epic stories where people still want to run out (and buy it),” Managing editor Daniel Klaidman said.



The magazine features a double cover, with a special flip editon with his life in pictures.


This is one of the four separate tribute covers available from the magazine’s latest issue.

3 thoughts on “Color on the Cover: Michael Jackson’s Death Launches Legacy Covers

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  2. Michael Jackson’s death was a great surprise for me, though considering his circumstances it was maybe not so shocking. The molestation charges brought upon him caused his health to spiral out of control, both emotional and physical. As soon as he began to use medicines to merely get by, that was when there definitely wasn’t going to be a happy ending, IMO.

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