Month: July 2009

Fashion Race Matters

Italian Vogue Reprises 2008 ‘All-Black’ Issue With Black Barbie Tribute


Italian Vogue‘s editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani made a bold statement when she featured only black models in the 2008 July issue, and follows it up with a feature on Black Barbies in the 2009 July supplementary issue celebrating the 50th anniversary of Barbie.

“Barbie has been an icon for wole generations which is why I really wanted to give a strong sign in step with the times, and dedicate the anniversary issue to Black Barbie,” Sozzani said.


Introduced in 1967, the first black doll from the Barbie collection was Francie, a friend to Barbie. The first Black Barbie wasn’t introduced until 1980. This fall Barbie launches a line of black dolls called the So in Style collection with more ethnic or “black” facial features such as fuller lips, distnctive cheekbones, a wider nose and curlier hair.


The 2008 all-black Italian Vogue served as an example of the virtual exemption of black models in the beauty and fashion industry and the need for diversity. So what will Vogue‘s Black Barbie issue achieve? Perhaps, the elevation of black female aesthetics to Barbie’s iconic status. Or at least young girls like Sasha and Malia will have some great dolls to play that will reinforce their self-image as beautiful black women.


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Newsy ObamaNation Politics

Obama Invites Gates and Cambridge Police Sergeant Crowley To White House For ‘Friendly’ Talk Over Beers


As promised, President Barack Obama invited Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates and Cambridge police Sergeant James Crowley, who recently arrested Gates in what has been criticized as a racial incident, to the White House on Thursday for some beers and a “friendly, thoughtful” conversation. Oh yeah, Vice President Joe Biden was there -probably throwing in his two cents.

The four men convened in the Rose Garden in what is now being referred to as the “beer summit, “where they spent a lot of time discussing the future,” said Crowley.

“I think what you had today was two gentlemen who agreed to disagree on a particular issue,” Crowley told reporters.

Gates stressed that they must use the opportunity “to foster greater sympathy among the American public for the daily perils of policing on the one hand, and for the genuine fears of racial profiling on the other hand.”

Obama was apparently pleased with his spin control beer session, especially after inciting media outrage with the comment “Cambridge police acted stupidly” and said in a statement, “I have always believed that what brings us together is stronger than what pulls us apart.”

“I am confident that has happened here tonight, and I am hopeful that all of us are able to draw this positive lesson from this episode,” Obama went on to say.

The beer of choice for the group: Bud Light for Obama, Blue Moon for Crowley, Sam Adams Light for Gates, and a nonalcoholic Buckler for Vice President Joe Biden.

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Music Video Virus

VIDEO VIRUS: Big Boi Stays “Cooler Than a Polar Bear’s Toenails” At SeaWorld

Big Boi, of the music group Outkast, paid a visit to Florida’s Seaworld and hung out with some penguins.

With his kids on the sidelines, Boi fed some fish to his “real cool friends,” and even posed for pictures with them.

Yes, it’s a random piece of entertainment news, but Blindie finds it amusing that not only did Big Boi chill with the cold birds but that he said he “can’t wait to see the polar bears.” We’re still trying to figure out who is more desperate for publicity -Seaworld or Big Boi?

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Fashion Lewis Hamilton Sports

England’s Marks & Spencer To Launch Lewis Hamilton Clothing Line For Boys, ‘Living The Dream’


British retailer Marks & Spencer is launching a line of clothing for boys in collaboration with Formula One team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and the reining F1 champion Lewis Hamilton.

The motor racing-themed collection, called Living The Dream, will feature T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and jackets with bold colors and graphics of racing motifs and branding of the team’s drivers Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen.

Living The Dream is set to launch September 19 in the UK, online and a selection of international stores.

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Music Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz Talks Tattoos And Her Band Elevator Fight On Good Morning America‘s New Series On The Brink

Zoe Kravitz sat down for Good Morning America‘s new segment On The Brink this weekend and talked about her famous parents, being an “It” girl and her ten tattoos.

Kravitz credits her mom Lisa Bonet for her unique style and says her mother, “definitely inspired me to…mostly to wear what I want,” but admits that she is “definitely a pretty even mix” of her dad Lenny Kravitz also.

On being considered an “it” girl, Kravitz says ” I think it means that you don’t have a job but people still pay attention to you, it’s kind of an insult.

She also admits to being influenced by her father especially when it comes to performing with her band Elevator Fight. “He’s an amazing musician and I respect him a lot for staying true to what he wants to do. He has that retro sound. He plays everything himself. He’s really into doing things live, authentically and that’s a really big deal to my band, we do everything live, everything’s you know, what it sounds like is what you get.”

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Ga Ga TV

Ga Ga: The Family Guy‘s Cleveland Brown Goes Solo on FOX in Fall

Bidding neighbor Cleveland Brown goodbye, little Stewie Griffin says, “Bye, chocolate people,” in the trailer for The Family Guy spinoff, The Cleveland Show. “What the hell, he’s getting his own show?!”

Cleveland, a cartoon character from the mind of Seth MacFarlane, is the only minority character anchoring a new series on the Big Five networks, according to Entertainment Weekly.

We’re so excited to see this on September 27th on FOX.

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Michael Jackson Music Video Virus

VIDEO VIRUS: The Filipino Inmates Latest Michael Jackson Tribute – “Dangerous”

The inmates of a Detention and Rehabilitation Center in the Cebu province of the Philippines have reprised their tribute to the King of Pop with a full-scale choreographed routine of Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous.”

The inmates gained global recognition with their prison yard routine of “Thriller” performed in 2007 and even danced a medley of hits for a crowd of 700 Cebuanos and foreign tourists after learning that their idol had died in June.

The Cebu provincial security consultant Byron Garcia came up with the idea of synchronized dancing for the inmates in place of their exercise routines and has since posted numerous videos.

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