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We Hate Knockoffs: Chris Brown Sits Courtside at NBA Finals with Rihanna Lookalike Teyana Taylor


Who was tacky enough to sit courtside with a Rihanna knockoff at the NBA Finals in Florida? Yes, none other than Ri-Ri’s ex Chris Brown.

Three days after the former R&B lovebirds were spotted watching the Lakers game separately last week, Brown attended the NBA finals with a carbon copy of his famous ex, who sat just seats away.

Despite sporting a Rihanna-esque ‘do, the lookalike has been identified as singer Teyana Taylor. We can’t help but to wonder if the up-and-coming performer was styled to look like Ri-Ri just for this high-profile game.


8 thoughts on “We Hate Knockoffs: Chris Brown Sits Courtside at NBA Finals with Rihanna Lookalike Teyana Taylor

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  3. That female is just fantastic, I mean most seems to think she is not to clever but that’s just an act, it does take some skills to become one of the most famous people in the world.

  4. Did you know that going into the 2009-2010 season, the Lakers maintain the record for having the most wins and the highest winning percentage (3000 and 61.8%)

  5. Hi Blindie:

    Love that you’re featuring a new face! However, Teyana Taylor is hardly a Rhi-Rhi knock-off. While you may not know her, she’s known around industry circles for having a unique style that is all her own (not contrived to boost marketability and album sales a la Rhianna; although, I can’t knock Def Jam’s hustle for that move — very smart!). Point is, Rhi-Rhi is way more likely than Miss Taylor to have been “styled” for any high-profile appearance. Besides, Teyana’s look in your comparison photo is way cuter, in my humble opinion.

    Any who, keep the new faces coming! 😉

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