Color on the Cover Michelle Obama

Color on the Cover: First Lady Michelle Obama Covers TIME


Michelle Obama has landed another cover: TIME Magazine.

The issue, which tries to define the “Meaning of Michelle,” features a striking photograph of the First Lady’s face. While we hated how uncomfortable she looked on the cover of Vogue in March, we’re really wondering how much airbrushing this photograph’s been under?

“I’m pretty much who I’ve been for a long time. So that … I just think that people have the opportunity to see all of who Michelle Obama is over a longer period of time,” she says. “And hopefully they like what they see. And I think they actually … to the extent that they saw all of me … liked what they saw then.”


2 thoughts on “Color on the Cover: First Lady Michelle Obama Covers TIME

  1. can you say inappropriate? This is not Facebook–don’t comment on the writer. We appreciate your readership!

  2. She looks pretty hott in the first pic! Finally an attractive first lady, the first of my lifetime. But not as hott as the writer of the article.

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