Beyonce Tells Tweet Queen Sis Solange: ‘I Don’t Understand Twitter. Just Call Me!’


Promoting her upcoming tour and new thriller, Obsessed with Idris Elba and Ali Larter, Beyonce sat down with the AP for a Q&A about Etta James and Twitter.

Dubbing her Twitterholic sister Solange Knowles “the Twitter Queen”, the singer-actress says she’s just too old for the new social network.

“She told me about the twittering, but I don’t get it, I feel like I’m getting really old,” Beyonce said of her sister’s constant tweets. “I’m like, what? I don’t understand. Just call me.”

In addition to dishing on her tour (“I’ll work until my feet are blistered!”) and her new movie, where she plays a woman fighting to keep an obsessed woman away from her family (“You have to fight in your relationships!”), Beyonce also commented on Etta James’ harsh remarks about her inaugural ball performance of “At Last”.

“I played Etta James, so I did my research, I read her book,” she says diplomatically, “I was not at all surprised. That’s Etta. She’s hilarious!”

PHOTO: Geffen Records

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