Photo Special: Ethiopian Princess Who Stole Husband From Luann de Lesseps’ Of Real Housewives of New York


The Ethiopian princess who stole away with Real Housewives of New York‘s Countess LuAnn de Lesseps’ husband of 16 years has been revealed as Princess Kemeria Abajobir Abajifar.

The Daily News has reported that Princess Kemeria, a descendant of King Abajifar of Ethiopia’s Gibe region, is tired of being referred to as “the Ethiopian” and would like to be identified by her royal title -which trumps Countess de Lesseps’.

After a close friend of the Countess revealed to the press that Count Alexandre de Lesseps had delivered his “Dear John letter” via email, Countess Luann told People magazine that she was separated from her husband and “It’s been like a death. You go through anger, bereavement. It’s really an end to a part of your life.”

It should be noted that Count Alex, 59, was raised in Khartoum, Sudan and in Tangiers, Morocco.

28 thoughts on “Photo Special: Ethiopian Princess Who Stole Husband From Luann de Lesseps’ Of Real Housewives of New York

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  2. Well mandy or what ever u r I have something to say to u. I m not proud of dating a marrid guy but.it happened and there is nothing you could do about it. She is beautiful.and its ok if you r jelious. do u know Ethiopia? Nop ..may be you should read ok….there are princesses who are powerfull and very rich. And dont compare my country to small place and to some kind of farm country ….. SO THEY ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL AND NOT SLUTS SO THE MAN MADE A GOOD CHOICE!!!!!!! Okk AND IF YOU THINK U ARE RICH TAKE A VACATION THERE AND YOU WILL SEE REAL PRINCIESSES !!!! Read dont be dummy lol

  3. U can say what ever u want to her..
    but live my country alone beeches..!!
    yes we r beautiful jealous..

  4. The state of her compared to LuAnn. LuAnn is so much prettier than her the count must be blind.

  5. It could happen to a nicer full of themselves, shallow, ugly inside, teribble mother, wanna be. Good for him I wish him all the happiness. She deserves every bit of a reality check. I can’t stand her. She is a ridiculous person.

  6. there’s no such thing as an ethiopian princess, never heard of that in ethiopia and believe me was there for many years…that title does not exist… this lady is fake!

  7. Eww. He left Luann for that??? WTF was he thinking.

    Dunno why people sayin ‘ what kind of princess goes after a married man’. What about him? What kind of married man goes off with another woman, princess or otherwise. Only a sleazeball creep. Luann is better off without him.

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  10. This is juts getting out of control she is not a princess. She should not be claming the name. It hearts me when she knows the truth but still she clams as a princess. Let’s ask Ethiopian see what they will say about this.


  12. Hey there, I’m using BlueCat Linux Linux 9.4 and the Opera 2.1 web browser, and your blog looks rather bleeped up. Might want to look into it. Get back to me on twitter about this issue: Twitter

  13. Ethiopian royalty is linked with the ancient egyptian royalty except in ethiopia the queens used to run things unlike the pharoes. Ethiopian women are powerfull

  14. This is a replay for all ppl who r whining about this story!!!! Who gives a F*** if she is a colored skin or not!!!!! You all r a bunch of bullies & morons!!!! She is a decendant from an Ethiopian kingdom daynasty even though she is not entitled to say she ia a princess cuz Ethiopian’s have not had any princess’ since the last king of Hailesselassie. As far as her stealing a husband, which i find it to be funny cuz Alex & his countess were not togather so stop hatin’ cuz she is not A BARBBIE DOLL BLONDE WT BIG BOOBS HANGGIN OUT OF HER CLOTHE!!!!!!!

  15. John i am appalled that you would make such a comment. You are a true testimony of how much further we need to go as a society.

  16. Some of you all are extremely ignorant, like Mandy & John. What difference does it make who he decided to date. It’s not you so what the hell do you care? Stop being so focused on what country the person comes from or what color their skin is. GROW UP!! So damn ignorant.

  17. Obviously “the Count” was never a man who took seriously his vows and commitment to his wife and then to his children. Who lives in a different residence in a different country that really loves and committed to his family? Ok so his business took him away a lot, but his main residence should’ve been with his family. There is no way, at least in my book, that a man would live away from his family if he put them above all else. To me it’s apparent that he always had put himself first and now this is just more example of it. If it’s true, which it may just be ugly rumor, that LuAnn also saw other people before the separation, it’s no wonder…her “Husband” wasn’t really around for her or the children living abroad all the time…therefore he was just there in name and financial support as necessary to his obligations. I just can’t believe that a man’s actual residence would not be with his family if he ever had his heart with them more than his own selfish wants. He’s scum in my book. LuAnn, be happy that your rid of him and can now find a real man. To the “Princess”, what kind of princess goes after a married man? In the States that’s called….well, I won’t call names, but everybody knows what such woman are thought of. One day, when they meet their maker, the “Count” and the “Princess” will realize that titles don’t make the person, rather it’s how one lives their lives and things like vows, commitment, loyalty, compassion, giving of ones self, etc. that make the person. I hope LuAnn will look for these qualities in a man next time.

  18. I gotta say, it’s amazing to me how many guys I know are in relationships with Asian women. I’ll admit that I do find some Asian ladies to be very attractive, but what do you think the appeal is really about? Why do some white guys only date Asian women…can somebody explain the attraction to me?

  19. WTF, she’s the princess of Ethiopia – Ethiopia, an agricultural-based economy, is one of the poorest countries in the world. That’s like winning your local dairy girl pagent and demanding to be called “Queen!” ha!

  20. The Count and Countess have been cheating on EACH OTHER for several years, and it was public knowledge to everyone who knew them on a personal basis. Therefore, it was time for both of them to move on, and stop the madness!!! Obviously, the Count had reached his limit with the Countess when he sent her the bombshell email! Also, the Countess has recently hooked up with a new boyfriend since the divorce, and has publicly expressed her happiness in and out of bed with the new man in her life.

    There you go, another HAPPY ENDING!!! 🙂

  21. Wow! I’m shocked that he was cheating with a women of color. Based on how LuAnn acts I would have thought it would have been some young blond high society stuck up lady.

    John, regarding your above comment: Do you not understand that the “women of color” is actually a PRINCESS? A princess is the ultimate “high society stuck up lady”. In fact, society girls are mere wanna-be royalty.

  22. Okay…so let me get this straight, the “Count” was sepereated from the “Countess” for three months, during there legal seperation he started dating the “Princess” sounds like he wanted to end things with his wife so they both could move on.

  23. Wow! I’m shocked that he was cheating with a women of color. Based on how LuAnn acts I would have thought it would have been some young blond high society stuck up lady.

  24. Wellllll…..I wouldn’t exactly say she “stole” LuAnn’s husband per se. I mean he left LuAnn willingly and courted this woman KNOWING of course he is a married man. Now I’m sure his latest conquest knew the count was married but she also made the choice to allow him to pursue her…hence this match is MUTUAL. Now, if she has any sense, let’s say she continues to date him for a while, I CERTAINLY WOULD NOT MARRY THE MAN….What, to be his FIFTH wife and be potentially dumped once I turn 40?… which she herself is not far from 40. I mean frankly unlike LuAnn, any woman that comes in his path cannot overlook his pattern, unless she does not mind the same type of fate. However, I believe that when LuAnn married him as his fourth wife she possibly thought that at his age if she marries him, she would be for keeps CONSIDERING his age is suppose to imply that he’s at the “settling down” stage and has more than played the field and knows all and everything that comes with marriage. But hell, sometimes at 60, 70 or even 80 years old, some men still don’t show any signs of slowing down when it comes to women (can anyone say Hugh Hefner…and he’s dating them in their 20’s). So although it’s unfortunate that LuAnn was actually dumped by email and has to endure all that comes with a divorce, only a daring woman would take such a risk.

  25. All I have to say what goes around comes around.
    One better believe this Ethipian girl will be dumped soon. LOL
    God will never bless her with her own because she is too busy in stealing somebody’s husband.
    You have to qualify to be A Princess!!! I have never heard an Oromo princess in Ethiopia!!!! LOL Not that I have anything against Oromo. But she has been a disgrace to her ethnic group!!!!
    A Princess will find her own prince!!! She wouldn’t steal someone’s king. How retarded is that????????????????? LOL
    Girl get over this old man so he can be with his kids!!!!!!


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