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Lewis Hamilton Continues Downward Spiral In Malaysia Grand Prix After Lying In Melbourne


World Champion Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton placed seventh in Sunday’s rain-drenched race in Malaysia continuing the downward spiral Hamilton set off when he lied to racing stewards at last week’s races in Melbourne.

The 24 year-old apologized to the racing community for lying to race stewards, pinning the blame on McLaren sporting director Dave Ryan.

“I cannot tell you how sorry I am. I’m sorry to my team and my family for the embarrassment. It is a very, very embarrassing situation and it has taken a huge toll on me,” Hamilton said at a press conference on Friday in Malaysia and described the incident as “the worst thing” he’s ever experienced in his life.

Hamilton revealed he had been told by Ryan to tell race stewards he had not been ordered to let felllow racer Jarno Trulli overtake him in the closing laps in Melbourne. After racing officials discovered radio transmissions  that proved Hamilton had in fact been told to let Trulli pass him causing the Italian racer to breach regulations.

Hamilton was disqualified from the Melbourne race and received no points for the match.

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