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Disney Pairs First Black Princess Taina With Almost-White Prince Naveen


Disney unveiled Prince Naveen, the dashing young who will try to win the hand of their first black princess Taina in the upcoming film The Princess and The Frog, and critics are in an uproar over his questionable ethnicity.

With a name like Naveen and a complexion that rivals Aladdin, many are wondering why Disney chose to take an ambiguously ethnic route instead of portraying a Prince of darker brown tones more in line with Taina.

Princess Taina might be groundbreaking for Disney, and only after they cleaned up some of the racial stereotypes, but Prince Naveen is disappointing as he perpetuates the Disney tradition of white to near-white royal men.

5 thoughts on “Disney Pairs First Black Princess Taina With Almost-White Prince Naveen

  1. Saw the movie with my 16yr old daughter (and her friends) and they thought Naveen was HOT!!!!

    The movie was adorable and as a american (black) i’m tired of the whinning. So what!! She got a hottie in the prince and people trying to figure out what nationality he is…… He’s not american… he’s Maldonian from Maldonia– don’t think there’s census stats from there but the complainers can go there and let up know the population counts (LOL!!!)…..

  2. “Prince Naveen” is adorable but the reason why the black community may have an issue is becasue every disney princess has had a prince of her ethnicity ;snow white, belle, ariel,sleeping beauty, and cinderella’s prince’s were all white. Jasmin’s was middle eastern like her, Mulan’s was chineese like her and then they do a black princess, then they decide to make him “other” than black. It is a little no (alot) insulting. I praise disney for taking this bold step to make a black princess, it is long overdue, but what is wrong with her prince also being her ethnic backround? It is not a crime you know. But I know that disney knows there are those of the “good old boys” club whose biased views still effect how we deal with race so they had to straddle the fence a little as to not totally upset them and make them boycott the film. Despite this I am going to see the movie, I am glad for Princess Tiana!!

  3. um… wasn’t blindie JUST listing interracial romances in movies? specifically, black women with white men? and at least he’s a man of color. his name is naveen, not bob.

    personally (though i haven’t seen it), i find this less offensive than the “romance” in “guess who?” or in “corrina, corrina”.

    could it be, these so-called “critics” are worried young people will learn that it’s perfectly fine to date interracially?

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