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Will Rihanna Star in The Bodyguard Remake with Channing Tatum?


Rihanna is reportedly in talks to star in a remake of The Bodyguard–and Blindie couldn’t be more excited!

The battered pop star would reprise Whitney Houston’s diva role in an updated version of the 1992 flick, opposite Step Up and GI Joe hunk Channing Tatum (as Kevin Costner’s brooding bodyguard role).

The remake would be a “young and sexy take” on the original, an insider tells the New York Daily News.

14 thoughts on “Will Rihanna Star in The Bodyguard Remake with Channing Tatum?

  1. That’s crap. The film wouldn’t have the same meaning. Yes it was a drama/suspense film merged with an incredible love story, but that aspect cannot be recreated with the same meaning as the original. 1992 – Black Girl and white guy? That was a no-no. Huge success of interracial relationships, quite the amazing move made to combat racism. And it wasn’t even mentioned in the film. That was its purpose. To show that they are just o people who love one another. Colour of skin is meaningless by bounds in comparison. That cannot be recreated. Ever.

  2. first all channing tatum is so hot the first movie i seen him in was step up as tyler he is such a good actor even if he was a bad actor he was still so hot rhianna is real cool i think she looks better with long hair but she is still pretty and im proud that she didnt let chris brown bring her down so i would definetly watch the movie it will be a good movie

  3. AWFUL ACTORS MAYBE…..AND SO? WHAT”S IT TO YOU? GREEN FACE!! don’t watch it then..its easy as that.

  4. Hey Corbomite, hate on much?! This is the age of Twilight -just be glad these actors can walk and talk at the same time! It’s a total plus if they can sing too!

  5. umm… why is blindie excited about this? an already awful movie will be remade with two awful actors… hooray for hollywood.

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